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About us

Animal Photography is a leading stock image library, specialising in pictures of Cats, Dogs and Horses. We represent some of best domestic animal photographers in the world, and boast one of the largest breed collections, anywhere. Our varied selection of images also contains many Farm animals, Small pets and Wildlife.

At Animal Photography we’re committed to offering our clients the best price commercially possible, whilst keeping in mind our unique photographers - each experts in their fields - who earn half the fee of every sale made.

All our images are Rights Managed (RM), and prices start from just £35; see our price guide for details.

If you would like to license any of our pictures, please contact us. Our images are sold worldwide and grace magazines, books, advertising campaigns, brochures, websites, stamps, and have even been used on TV and in film.

Pricing overview

All our images are Rights Managed (RM), prices start from just £35. Each image can be costed online, through our price calculator, this can be found by clicking on the currency symbol... and we now accept the following 3 currencies. 

- Pounds (£) GBP
- US Dollars ($) USD
- Euros (€) EUR

Learn more about our pricing.

Specialist subscriptions for Magazines only

In a nutshell, we wanted to make life much easier and efficient for specialist magazines, so we have come up with a subscription solution we think will help. We understand that image prices are fluctuating all the time, and its often hard to find the image you want, our collection is expanding at a incredible rate, we now cover almost all breeds in Cat and Dogs. With our new photographers we now have many 'lifestyle' pictures as well as breed shots. This means we can cover pretty much all your needs. Please contact us for more information.


More information coming soon.

Breeders & Associations

More information coming soon.

News & Press – BLOG

The Animal Photography Blog has now launched, here we post all our latest news and press.


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Image ideas – Finding the perfect image

Need help finding the perfect picture, visit our Image ideas page, its got loads of Lightbox ideas, examples of keywords, and ways to find great images in our library.

Joining Animal Photography

At Animal Photography, our absolute focus is domestic animals and our speciality is cats, dogs and horses. We’re pretty confident that we hold the most comprehensive list of breed images in the world right now, and that list is growing every day. We're also building an excellent collection of farm animal images, small pets and wildlife, and are looking to improve it further.

We’re proud to represent some of the best cat, dog and horse photographers in the world - from world-class pros, to amateurs with a good eye for an image - and we like to look after our contributors too; every sale we make, 50% of the fee goes to the photographer. If you think you could bring something special to our team, we'd be delighted to hear from you...

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Our Frequently Asked Questions page will be a work-in-progress, as our site evolves and develops. We of course welcome any questions or feedback.

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License information 

Animal photography is Rights Managed (RM) only. Rights-managed products are licensed with restrictions on usage, such as limitations on size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. When purchasing any image(s) from us, you will be asked to submit information concerning your intended use, which will determine the scope of usage rights granted. Our price calculator, or one of our sales representatives, can help you determine the price. Exclusive rights are available for purchase for certain images. All licences of rights-managed products are subject to Animal Photography Agreement. View our Rights Managed terms.

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