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With thousands of images to choose from, we know it can some-times be a bit tricky to find the perfect one. If you’re searching for a certain type or style of picture, working to a specific design brief, or you’re simply looking for inspiration, our image ideas page can help.

We’ve put together a small selection of custom lightboxes, search themes and keyword ideas to help get you started, and to show off some of the incredible imagery we have.
Keep checking back as we’ll be adding new ideas regularly, and if you get really stuck, contact us. We’re always happy to help.

Background lightboxes

Black background


White background

2 Sphynx cats, Photo © Animal Photography, Vidar Skauen

Red background


Spacial images

These images are great if you need to place typography over images, so perfect for magazines.

Pastel background

Blue background
Pink background
Green background

Pastel backgrounds

Cat Eating out of bowl by Animal Photography, Anita Peeples
Going a little soft - go Pastel.

Custom lightboxes

Curious creatures

Curiosity killed the cat but, satisfaction brought it back. Take a look at these inquisitive animals.

Mixed Animals

Dogs with piglets, horses with cats, ducks with foxes... Take a look at these wonderful animal combinations.

Cat behaviour

Scratching, stretching, prowling, climbing, meowing and all those other things cats do. Take a look at our cat behaviour images.

Dog behaviour

Smelling, barking, chasing, howling, digging and all those other things dogs do. Take a look at our dog behaviour images.

Nostalgic images

Have a look at this lightbox for animal images with a nostalgic feel.

Rare breeds

We have many rare animals in our library, do you recognise any of these rare breeds?

Spacial images

Saluki Dog Photo © Sally Anne Thompson
These images are great if you need to place typography over images, so perfect for magazines.

Featured lightboxes

Autumnal images

Autumn has proved to be a fantastic time of year for taking great animal images. View autumn photos of all our photographers.

Taking it easy

Tibetan Terrier resting photo © Eva Maria Kramer
Images of various animals asleep, resting or just tired. Check out this month's featured lightbox for calming ideas.


Greyhound in Bluebells, Photo © Animal Photography, Judy Zatonski
Bluebells, lambs and everything that shouts Spring. Check out this month's Featured lightbox for some fresh ideas.


Winter Lightbox
'Tis the season for some cool, crisp imagery. Check out this month's Featured lightbox for some wonderfully heart-warming views of winter.

Christmas images

'Tis the season for lovely animals at Christmas time. Here's our collection for your viewing pleasure.

Life's a beach

Like to be beside the seaside? You're not alone. Check out these animals enjoying the sand and surf.