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Picture of Fjord Pony in a stable, head study
Picture of distant view of Hungarian Horse and csikó rounding up sheep on Hortobagyi Puszta
Picture of ch bonavia bella maria, 
chinchilla cat
Picture of silver tabby kitten looking up
Picture of sphynx kitten looking away
Picture of sphynx kitten looking into camera, headshot
Picture of Black cat on red and orange pillow
Picture of Peterbald cat, jumping
Picture of Kitten sleeping on couch
Picture of 7 week old Sphynx kittens in basket
Picture of different shots of the same Boxer dog
Picture of border collie, show dog, standing on hillside
Picture of blue eyed siberian husky at sled dog races, austria,
Picture of thoroughbred foal
Picture of welsh mountain pony at rhosilli on gower peninsula, wales
Picture of tortoiseshell non pedigree cat has a good look out
Picture of two miniature poodles in pet clip
Picture of whippets lying in the sun indoors
Picture of lion and lioness walking in east africa
Picture of peterbald kitten shaking paw
Picture of peterbald cat dancing
Picture of English Setter (Blue Belton colour), Australian Champion, portrait
Picture of cute Chinese Crested puppy
Picture of chocolate Labrador licking lips
Picture of Basset Hound puppy in studio on gray background, howling at camera.
Picture of polotli, famous akhal teke stallion,  turkmen rider in traditional clothes
Picture of whippets lying in the shaft of sun indoors
Picture of kitten on two feet, dancing
Picture of silver spotted British Shorthair cat
Picture of Kitten looking toward camera, licking her mouth
Picture of Large Portuguese Podengo looking up in admiration
Picture of l, rheewall merrydane magpie (maggie) r, mitze of houndbrae, two large munsterlanders  on malvern hills
Picture of happy Clydesdale galloping in a field
Picture of yarlton comely,dales pony mare head
Picture of ch burydown hephzibah, saluki walking on beach
Picture of red rum, famous grand national winner, celebrity appearance at a show, handler patting him
Picture of Boxer with head tilted and big ears
Picture of cat napping on his back
Picture of English Setter (Blue Belton colour), Australian Champion sitting down
Picture of cute Miniature Schnauzer puppy
Picture of Ragdoll kitten playing with Abyssinian kitten's tail
Picture of American Show Bred Whippet
Picture of am ch pin oak’s yankee doodle dandy, field spaniel in usa style coat
Picture of pembroke corgi head and shoulder shot
Picture of two suffolk punch horses at ploughing match
Picture of welsh mountain ponies, mare and foal, at rhosilli, gower peninsula
Picture of Domestic Longhair cat looking up
Picture of Coton de Tulear jumping up
Picture of black and white great dane
Picture of lowchen standing on grass
Picture of one yorkie sitting
Picture of ch yadnum regal fare, head study of  yorkshire terrier in wind
Picture of ch nutshell of nevedith, whippet, res bis crufts 1990
Picture of tibetan spaniel sitting on grass in wind
Picture of peterbald cat walking and looking up
Picture of chinese crested dog, portrait
Picture of portrait of shetland sheepdog
Picture of lycur of wynbriar, tarncred janus, two maremma sheepdogs standing in field
Picture of ch montravia kaskarak hitari (alfie), afghan hound standing on grass, bis crufts 1983
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