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Picture of champion english pointer, ch waghorn statesman, on point in moorland
Picture of Hungarian Horse ridden by csikó on Hortobagyi Puszta
Picture of group of Haflinger colts galloping through the snow in Austria
Picture of kabardine stallion cantering on skyline in caucasus mountains
Picture of champion bloodhound silhouette
Picture of troika with three orlov trotters trotting in snow
Picture of close up of orlov trotter driven in troika in snow.
Picture of akhal teke horse trotting through water
Picture of camargue pony cross bred galloping on the camargue
Picture of bloodhound, ch barsheen magnus (mag), running full tilt
Picture of karabair horse and rider in registan square, samarkand
Picture of saluki galloping in snow
Picture of close up of trotter with another behind at Hague show
Picture of troika with three russian stallions,  tersk, orlov trotter, tersk in moscow forest
Picture of lion walking in grass in amboseli np, east Africa
Picture of Nuage, Camargue stallion running with mares and foals
Picture of border collie, show dog, jumping over a fallen tree
Picture of group of Exmoors running on Exmoor
Picture of lion and lioness walking in east africa
Picture of trotter racing at moscow races
Picture of group of Camargue ponies cantering through water
Picture of heythrop hunt point to point 1982
Picture of trotters racing in snow on the lake at kitzbuhel
Picture of am ch cruachan barbaree olympian, deerhound galloping towards camera
Picture of Man holding black cat
Picture of akhal teke racing on racecourse
Picture of Chocolate labrador retriever walking on fallen leaves in the woods
Picture of Camargue pony action
Picture of ch waghorn statesman, pointer on point on moorland with water
Picture of black and white English Setter running in the tall grass
Picture of pointer on point in moorland
Picture of knabstrup mare, lisa-lotte lyshøy cantering
Picture of ch barsheen magnus (mag), bloodhound walking on rocks in a gorge
Picture of Nuage, National champion stallion, Camargue pony stallion  leaping forwards
Picture of Holstein Old Type mare head and shoulders
Picture of Lipizzaner and austrian half bred colts at Piber
Picture of black skimmer flying
Picture of group of Wurttemberger fillies at St Johan
Picture of lone wildebeest in amboseli np
Picture of Labrador bitch with puppies being a nuisance
Picture of Husky walking through snowy field
Picture of yellow labrador swimming
Picture of yearlings, palomino and welsh mountain pony cantering
Picture of troikas with orlov trotters racing
Picture of trotters racing
Picture of ex-racing greyhound running on beach
Picture of JRT running through dead Fern in woods
Picture of foxhounds on a scent
Picture of Lipizzaner colts cantering in summer pasture at stubalm, piber
Picture of Pluto Alda, Lipizzaner stallion at piber cantering loose
Picture of herd of Shagya Arabs running
Picture of herd of Hungarian Horses galloping on Great Hungarian Plain
Picture of chocolate Labrador retriever walking on a path, low angle picture
Picture of english pointer side view on point
Picture of working type english springer spaniel swimming
Picture of Arab German mare cantering  at marbach, full body
Picture of Shagya Arab mares and foals running
Picture of horse jumping a drop fence at  badminton horse trials
Picture of German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian), running
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