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Picture of dalmatian sitting with paw up
Picture of Kabardine stallion with cossack in Caucasus mountains
Picture of champion english pointer, ch waghorn statesman, on point in moorland
Picture of sheeba, greyhound in frosty landscape
Picture of chickens feeding in a circle
Picture of sleepy basset hound yawning
Picture of glen of imaal terrier sitting, watched by  a herd of cattle
Picture of smiling welsh springer spaniel puppy
Picture of Iceland horse trotting at Hofn
Picture of tabby cat, sam, striking at a piece of grass
Picture of non pedigree cat in summery field
Picture of Arab stallion UK
Picture of lioness in east africa, nairobi n.p.
Picture of Dog playing with football in front of goal
Picture of Andalusian galloping
Picture of lhasa apso galloping at full stretch
Picture of samoyed in frosty field
Picture of abyssinian cat trying to catch a leaf
Picture of Handsome Brown Leghorn Rooster with green grass and sunny blue sky and clouds.
Picture of Abyssinian running to left, tail up, head in profile, only one foot on the ground
Picture of great dane and yorkshire terrier standing together
Picture of ch annsadie two with pugnus,  pug sitting patiently
Picture of ch viscount grant (gable), afghan hound head study, bis crufts 1987
Picture of Camargue pony grazing in scenic grass and rushes
Picture of int ch pussy prince, chartreux cat lying on grass
Picture of ginger cat, portrait
Picture of lamb in spring
Picture of west highland white begging
Picture of west highland white terrier, champion olac moon pilot, best in show crufts 1990, sitting by river thames
Picture of kirghiz horse and rider with bird of prey on his shoulder followed by dogs
Picture of eng/irish ch sulyka snoopy, bichon frise sitting on grass
Picture of border collie eyeing sheep
Picture of ch merrowlea opal of boristi, french bulldog standing on high ground
Picture of greyhound standing on frosty grass
Picture of irish wolfhound looking larger than life
Picture of Chincoteague foal on assateague island framed in branches
Picture of kabardine stallion cantering on skyline in caucasus mountains
Picture of lokai stallion with decorated bridle and blanket being stopped, dushanbe, rider in traditional clothes
Picture of seal point siamese cat among flowers
Picture of black cat in a garden
Picture of setter in the mist
Picture of horse and rider on a hillside on exmoor during a hunt with exmoor foxhounds
Picture of Dog running through field of buttercups, toy in mouth
Picture of three undocked english springer spaniels, working type,  playing
Picture of jack russell terrier sitting in grass
Picture of giant and miniature schnauzers sitting together, one yawning in boredom
Picture of champion old english sheepdog with her puppy
Picture of champion beagle standing up on raised ground
Picture of blue roan braque du bourbonnais playing with another dog
Picture of pembroke corgi puppy lying in long grass
Picture of side view of Friesian yearling walking by drainage ditch in Holland
Picture of karabair stallion and rider in uzbekistan
Picture of portland ewe and lamb at norwood farm
Picture of white park bull at stoneleigh, national agricultural centre
Picture of tabby and white cat in long grass
Picture of indian blue peacock at whipsnade zoo
Picture of lion yawning in kenya
Picture of pony walking in a field at dawn
Picture of Leghorn cockerel and various hens in front of farmer
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