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Picture of Saher, German Arab at marbach, head and shoulders
Picture of Pluto Alda, portrait of a Lipizzaner stallion in his loose box at piber
Picture of glen of imaal terrier sitting, watched by  a herd of cattle
Picture of two glen of imaal terriers looking mischievous in muddy water
Picture of Connemara pony looking back
Picture of baikal seal in london zoo
Picture of Great Dane resting head
Picture of glen of imaal terrier in muddy water looking very mischievious
Picture of keeshond puppy looking over a large log (by kind permission of Edward Arran)
Picture of Eriskay Pony
Picture of Camargue pony grazing in scenic grass and rushes
Picture of swallow-tailed gull in the air on champion island, galapagos
Picture of int ch pussy prince, chartreux cat lying on grass
Picture of irish wolfhound looking larger than life
Picture of lokai stallion with decorated bridle and blanket being stopped, dushanbe, rider in traditional clothes
Picture of italian greyhound sitting on the beach
Picture of Dog running through field of buttercups, toy in mouth
Picture of champion old english sheepdog with her puppy
Picture of Koheilan I, Shagya Arab stallion
Picture of Arab Horse with woman rider at Tampa Show Western Saddle Class, USA
Picture of karabair stallion and rider in uzbekistan
Picture of troika with three orlov trotters trotting in snow
Picture of Great Dane looking to the side
Picture of grey cat lying down
Picture of british shorthaired kitten with toy mouse isolated on a white background
Picture of neapolitan mastiff lying on grass
Picture of alaskan malamute standing in grass
Picture of German Arab mare and foal at marbach
Picture of Lipizzaner mare and leaping foal at szilvasvarad
Picture of swallow-tailed gull flying, raising alarm, champion island, galapagos islands
Picture of Pluto Alda, Lipizzaner stallion in his loose box at piber
Picture of close up of orlov trotter driven in troika in snow.
Picture of siberian husky at sled dog racing in bad mittendorf, austria
Picture of charolais bull in france
Picture of camargue pony cross bred galloping on the camargue
Picture of land iguana on south plazas island, galapagos, looking at camera,
Picture of grey horse portrait, profile
Picture of  portrait of weimaraner side view
Picture of lokai stallion with decorated bridle and blanket at dushanbe, rider in traditional clothes
Picture of grey cat siting on bed with white lace.
Picture of Husky in snowy field
Picture of karabair horse and rider in registan square, samarkand
Picture of  donkey gazing into camera
Picture of Profile of an African Grey Parrot's head
Picture of two horses rearing
Picture of troika with three russian stallions,  tersk, orlov trotter, tersk in moscow forest
Picture of p-nuts in the chips, silky terrier head study
Picture of close up of Great Dane's face
Picture of malsville moody blue of farni, glen of imaal terrier sitting in straw
Picture of Piramide, Moroccan Arab stallion head study
Picture of fox hunting on exmoor, horse and rider on hillside
Picture of Nuage, Camargue stallion running with mares and foals
Picture of kladruber stallion, generalissimus XXV111, 782 favoury, with beautiful roman nose,, at kladruby, czech republic
Picture of quarter horse, lope, in the ring at tampa show usa
Picture of white Jack Russel Terrier sitting in living room, in front of wall
Picture of champion chinese crested sitting on a wall
Picture of Arab mare UK looking out of stable
Picture of shetland pony in winter with shaggy coat
Picture of welsh mountain ponies mares and foals in action at pendock stud,
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