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Picture of French bulldogs, are you sure there is no room for me?
Picture of chickens feeding in a circle
Picture of four cocker spaniels in the countryside
Picture of Miniature wire-haired dachshunds running through water
Picture of four yorkies playing
Picture of group of Haflinger colts galloping through the snow in Austria
Picture of Kabardine horse ridden by cossack in Caucasus mountains, wearing traditional clothes
Picture of three undocked english springer spaniels, working type,  playing
Picture of cadre noir de saumur, france, rearing,
Picture of Norwegian Forest Cat mum with kittens
Picture of old lady holding lots of chihuahua puppies. Miss Russell-Allen, Dalhabboch
Picture of Iceland horses walking to camera at Kalfstindar
Picture of ScottishBlackface, Scottish Mule & Bluefaced
Picture of Kabardine stallion leads a taboon of mares and foals with cossacks riding in Caucasus mountains
Picture of Taboon of Kabardine mares and foals in Caucasus mountains, a lush setting indeed
Picture of formakin kulta, formakin brolga & another formakin, three australian cattle dogs
Picture of pack of harriers with keeper
Picture of cadre noir de saumur, france, 3 horses rearing
Picture of miss e dundas mouat with her smooth collies near her home
Picture of Horse and dogs ready to hunt
Picture of Steinbacher geese in winter
Picture of five 10 week old Sphynx kitten
Picture of four Hungarian Vizslas playing in water
Picture of three salukis from burydown playing on the beach
Picture of Nuage, Camargue stallion running with mares and foals
Picture of racing
Picture of five Scottish Blackface ewes
Picture of distant view of Hungarian Horse and csikó rounding up sheep on Hortobagyi Puszta
Picture of Taboon of Kabardine colts in Caucasus mountains
Picture of 7 week old Sphynx kittens in basket
Picture of group of Exmoors running on Exmoor
Picture of welsh mountain ponies mares and foals in action at pendock stud,
Picture of horses and jockeys racing at racecourse
Picture of Welsh Springer Spaniel
Picture of Seven Maine Coon kittens all in a row
Picture of irish setters playing in a lake
Picture of flock of sheep in the lake district
Picture of three Peking Ducklings (aka Long Island duck)
Picture of Taboon of Kabardine colts in Caucasus mountains
Picture of Taboon of Kabardine colts in Caucasus mountains
Picture of Kabardine colts in taboon in Caucasus mountains
Picture of distant view of Haflingers and riders at Ebbs Austria
Picture of group of pekingese dogs and bitches looking up
Picture of Egyptian Arabs in field
Picture of Kabardines, stallions and colts in Caucasus mountains
Picture of norfolk terrier and two pembroke corgi puppies running carrying a stick
Picture of adorable norfolk puppies from nanfan kennels
Picture of Norwegian Forest kittens on a box
Picture of portland sheep at norwood farm
Picture of four Icelandic horses standing behind wooden gate
Picture of Kabardine mare drinking with foal in Caucasus mountains
Picture of five salukis on a hill, four of them champions
Picture of three whippets on a sofa, one spreading gossip
Picture of whippets lying in the sun indoors
Picture of team of four, international grand prix at windsor show 1976
Picture of kabardine stallion ridden by cossack near malokarachaev
Picture of ponies at the break of day
Picture of six welsh springer spaniel puppies looking out from their barn
Picture of nine kittens asleep
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