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Picture of Man and Boxer standing on dock in fog
Picture of Connemara pony looking back
Picture of Great Dane resting head
Picture of ch viscount grant (gable), afghan hound head study, bis crufts 1987
Picture of ch merrowlea opal of boristi, french bulldog standing on high ground
Picture of long haired cream Persian kitten in basket
Picture of two miniature poodles looking aside, from miradel kennels
Picture of troika with three orlov trotters trotting in snow
Picture of tabby and white cat in long grass
Picture of Great Dane looking to the side
Picture of male indian blue peacock portrait
Picture of Bärbl, Haflinger mare in flowery meadow among mountains in Austria
Picture of basenji from horsley kennel
Picture of Husky in snowy field
Picture of geldara amrita, saluki in heather looking over shoulder
Picture of belgian mare, head study,
Picture of chinchilla cat, portrait
Picture of troika with three russian stallions,  tersk, orlov trotter, tersk in moscow forest
Picture of miss e dundas mouat with her smooth collies near her home
Picture of black dog portrait against pale background
Picture of ch barsheen magnus (mag), bloodhound rear view
Picture of Fjord Pony in a stable, head study
Picture of gerbil with carrot
Picture of white Jack Russel Terrier sitting in living room, in front of wall
Picture of cat sitting in barn window
Picture of two abyssinian cats on logs in canada
Picture of Exmoor foal
Picture of troika with three russian stallions,  tersk, orlov, tersk in moscow forest
Picture of abyssinian cat, ch taishun leo,  watching with slit eyes
Picture of herdwick ram, head study
Picture of Italian Greyhound stretching in front of colourful fence
Picture of three (troika) russian stallions,  tersk, orlov trotter, tersk side view
Picture of Two siberian huskies playing together
Picture of white miniature poodle sitting on a bench
Picture of one yorkie sitting
Picture of ch yadnum regal fare, head study of  yorkshire terrier in wind
Picture of chalkyfield julie bee, norfolk terrier playing in mud
Picture of lycur of wynbriar, tarncred janus, two maremma sheepdogs standing in field
Picture of short coated dutch shepherd dog in the countryside
Picture of Foal on blue sky
Picture of seal point cat sitting on tiles
Picture of a cute beauceron puppy hiding
Picture of chocolate labrador retriever standing in a filled full of flowers
Picture of cute French Bulldog in green studio
Picture of the photographer's seal point siamese cat on holiday in scotland
Picture of blue eyed white long hair cat in long grass
Picture of orange eyed white cat portrait
Picture of lion in amboseli national park
Picture of Profile of an African Grey parrot
Picture of Jack Russell Terrier in snowy field
Picture of Bengal male cat standing in grass, champion Guru Nuvolari
Picture of Bengal cat crouched, black background, studio shot
Picture of white Maltese dog sitting on basket
Picture of Maine Coon in long grass.
Picture of english springer spaniel ready to work
Picture of marine iguanas of different ages on isabela island, galapagos islands, looking out to sea together
Picture of abyssinian kitten in wild garden
Picture of chinchilla cat out of coat, head study
Picture of cornish rex cat looking back
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