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Picture of morgan horse wearing australian turnout rug
Picture of two abyssinian kittens playing
Picture of hovawart ,ch basil v.d.weunsberger rebe, standing on grass
Picture of ch hayclose bralstan lemon (left), ch shumah parasol (right), two miniature pinschers
Picture of three russian stallions, tersk, orlov, tersk  pulling a troika
Picture of siamese seal point cat on pink background
Picture of champion Pyrenean Mountain Dog on white background
Picture of two chesapeake bay retrievers
Picture of black and white english springer spaniel with owner in the background
Picture of mongrel dog playing funny in a courtyard
Picture of English Springer Spaniel smelling the grass
Picture of champion whippet looking away
Picture of bichon havanese, looking aside
Picture of welsh cob (section d) filly & colt
Picture of Large Akita dog lying isolated on a white background
Picture of red english cocker spaniel
Picture of black tri colour australian shepherd standing in a field, owner walking in the background, sunset
Picture of black tri colour australian shepherd puppy in the lake with a toy in his mouth
Picture of ch jezreel jomo, british blue cat looking alert
Picture of three soft coated wheaten terriers, undocked
Picture of silver tabby feral x cat
Picture of harlequin Beauceron puppy petted heavily by a woman
Picture of english bulldog drinking from water bowl
Picture of cavalier king charles spaniel in profile with tennis balls at feed
Picture of west highland white puppy in garden
Picture of masked boobies at daphne island crater rim, galapagos islands
Picture of mary swash winning reserve bis crufts1996 with ch. jokyl this Is my song (Nan)
Picture of welsh corgi, pembroke
Picture of whippet indoors
Picture of three borzois from springett kennels
Picture of horse portrait
Picture of Pyrenean Sheepdog
Picture of small mongrel dog palying with a toy
Picture of happy dirty red bicolor australian shepherd running in a field
Picture of Braque Bourbonnais portrait
Picture of four jutland horses pulling a carlsberg brewers dray in copenhagen
Picture of Sand coloured Chihuahua cross Yorkshire Terrier, Chorkie, isolated on a white background
Picture of australian shepherd waiting for trainer's instructions dnear the teeter-totter
Picture of golden retriever with puppies sitting on grass
Picture of gos d'atura standing on a pavement,
Picture of parson russell terrier standing on grass
Picture of yorshire terrier standing, tricolore casanova
Picture of one yorkie standing in grass
Picture of yorkshire terrier with puppies
Picture of five yorkie pups in basket, 7 weeks old
Picture of west highland white puppies looking away
Picture of styrian mountain hound standing on grass
Picture of odivane francesca of nantiderri,   italian spinone with one foot up
Picture of snow, glamorous miniature poodle - see AP-UMXW5V snow with hair in wraps
Picture of vicbrita delectabelle & her  three puppies,  maltese, sitting on sofa
Picture of komondor lying on grass
Picture of bichon bolognese sitting on a path
Picture of rough collie with puppies suckling
Picture of two rough collies standing and sitting on grass
Picture of magnificent edwards boy,  undocked pembroke corgi with low tail carriage
Picture of ch lees chico  pembroke corgi standing on grass
Picture of ch lees sunsalve  pembroke corgi standing in a garden
Picture of champion pembroke corgi standing on high ground
Picture of dogue de bordeaux head and shoulder shot
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