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Picture of Man and Boxer standing on dock in fog
Picture of Hungarian Horse ridden by csikó on Hortobagyi Puszta
Picture of Leghorn cockerel and various hens in front of farmer
Picture of old lady holding lots of chihuahua puppies. Miss Russell-Allen, Dalhabboch
Picture of a man and his shire horse at ploughing competition, mattingley, hants 1974
Picture of pack of harriers with keeper
Picture of norfolk terrier and man walking at sunset
Picture of rescued cat lying on bed with man and woman
Picture of black and white kitten held by owner and wrapped in orange tan coloured scarf
Picture of phil drabble with his german shepherd dogs, one man and his dog presenter
Picture of mongrel dog in owner's lap
Picture of Man holding black cat
Picture of paw in hand
Picture of Siberian Husky laying down next to elderly woman's feet
Picture of black and white kitten in the arms of owner in bright orange jumper, looking at camera
Picture of Border collie jumping up for treat
Picture of Bulldog looking at owner
Picture of English Setter resting his head on owner's hand
Picture of Suffolk Punch, posed
Picture of german hunt terrier, ger ch ethel vom alderhorst, looking up at her owner
Picture of Silhouette of Arabian standing with woman
Picture of Wheaten Cairn terrier running in snowy field with tongue hanging out.
Picture of Siberian Husky in profile with elderly woman in background
Picture of Man and Boxer on bleachers
Picture of feet of boxer and woman
Picture of owner holding her blue cream cat
Picture of Crossbreed walking to owner
Picture of French Bulldog being cuddled by two people
Picture of friendship between man and dog
Picture of Two labradors with owner on house front step.
Picture of seal point cat laying on colourful blanket
Picture of Parti Colour Tibetan Spaniel begging
Picture of German Longhaired Pointer in snow
Picture of French Bulldog with owner
Picture of Happy puppy running towards camera and owner in the background
Picture of Little dog on owners lap, rolling over and smiling with eyes closed
Picture of sleepy Cocker Spaniel puppy in the arms of owner
Picture of asko vom brunnenhof,  a hovawart, with his owner in germany
Picture of
Picture of man and woman with young French Bulldog
Picture of Newfoundland mixed breed with owner
Picture of Woman lying with Great Dane, kissing her on the muzzle.
Picture of dobermann-cross running on a beach, owner in the background
Picture of White and liver Brittany and mongrel dog looking at owner's hand and waiting for a treat
Picture of Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy looking up.
Picture of man and bloodhound looking at each other with round hay bales.
Picture of Crossbreed walking to owner
Picture of young Sussex Spaniel in countryside with owner
Picture of Pit Bull mix in summer
Picture of black Labrador Retriever begging
Picture of Golden Retriever near owner
Picture of Pointer and owner at Crufts dog show 2012
Picture of Staffie sitting in cage at Crufts 2012
Picture of norwegian forest cat petted by his owner
Picture of schleswig stallion with handler
Picture of man with two black labradors sitting in woods
Picture of lamb eating from owner's hand.
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