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Picture of dalmatian sitting with paw up
Picture of French bulldogs, are you sure there is no room for me?
Picture of Kitten waves hello
Picture of American Curl kitten telling a secret to and adult American Curl cat
Picture of sleepy basset hound yawning
Picture of glen of imaal terrier sitting, watched by  a herd of cattle
Picture of tabby cat, sam, striking at a piece of grass
Picture of Dachshund sitting on a doorstep looking at the camera
Picture of Man and Boxer standing on dock in fog
Picture of four cocker spaniels in the countryside
Picture of Champion Saluki sitting in tree
Picture of lioness in east africa, nairobi n.p.
Picture of shaded silver Persian sitting on grey background
Picture of Ragdoll cat in chair
Picture of black Peterbald kitten crying out
Picture of cream Labrador Retriever sitting near river
Picture of Cat sitting at table
Picture of ch annsadie two with pugnus,  pug sitting patiently
Picture of Boxer looking up at camera waiting for food
Picture of alert cat sitting on fence
Picture of Jack Russell Terrier with Peterbald kitten
Picture of west highland white begging
Picture of west highland white terrier, champion olac moon pilot, best in show crufts 1990, sitting by river thames
Picture of eng/irish ch sulyka snoopy, bichon frise sitting on grass
Picture of irish wolfhound looking larger than life
Picture of long haired cream Persian kitten in basket
Picture of black cat in a garden
Picture of blue eyed white long hair cat with slit eyes, head on one side
Picture of Dachshund following owner into bathroom
Picture of italian greyhound sitting on the beach
Picture of two Tonkinese cats, one sleeping, Lilac (Platinum) Mink colour
Picture of black seal point cat sitting on wall
Picture of jack russell terrier sitting in grass
Picture of two miniature poodles looking aside, from miradel kennels
Picture of giant and miniature schnauzers sitting together, one yawning in boredom
Picture of Shiba Inu sitting in the studio, looking at the camera
Picture of british shorthaired kitten with toy mouse isolated on a white background
Picture of Household cat, sitting on black background
Picture of Norwegian Forest Cat mum with kittens
Picture of orange eyed kitten on a branch, backlit,
Picture of red burmese cats
Picture of silver smoke cat scratching her ear
Picture of cornish rex cat staring up
Picture of kitten sitting on a pole
Picture of Dachshund shot from above in the studio
Picture of ch burydown freyha and ch burydown palmyra, two saluki looking into the camera
Picture of smoke Persian cat sitting in grass
Picture of Boxer watching road
Picture of grey cat siting on bed with white lace.
Picture of elegant Peterbald cat sitting against pink background
Picture of beagle looking very confident
Picture of ch burydown iphigenia, saluki sitting in tree looking into camera
Picture of vicbrita petit point, maltese sitting in a pile of leaves
Picture of schnauzer riding in canoe
Picture of miniature poodle in pet clip
Picture of Serval back view
Picture of Fawn French Bulldog sitting on matching tan tufted chair with head tilted.
Picture of miss e dundas mouat with her smooth collies near her home
Picture of Australian Champion Afghan Hound, front view
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