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Picture of man grabbing bull's horns
Picture of two jutland horses at carlsberg brewery stable, with dray,  preparing to make delivery in copenhagen
Picture of Lombard head and shoulders of Hanoverian stallion at Celle, he descends from the famous L line.
Picture of measuring stirrup leathers
Picture of rider adjusting girth
Picture of three goats looking out of a stable
Picture of tryptic, french thoroughbred at haras du pin
Picture of wurttembergers looking out of their stable at marbach
Picture of herd of Wurttemberger mares emerging from stable at marbach
Picture of Dartmoor pony looking out from stone Dartmoor stable
Picture of barb and moroccan arab in stable
Picture of quel beau, norman cob at haras du pin, france
Picture of austrian half blood colts at wilhelm, piber
Picture of Exmoor mare in a stable with foal suckling
Picture of Training Hanoverian on the lunge at Celle
Picture of horse indoors wearing a day rug
Picture of lipizzaner looking over stable door at piber
Picture of American miniature horse foal with owner, shadyacres
Picture of German Arab mare and foal walking into stable at marbach
Picture of German Arab mares leaving their ancient stable at marbach stud
Picture of Kalman, wurttemberger stallion at marbach stud germany
Picture of Caspian Pony full body
Picture of Caspian Pony trotting full body
Picture of flying drumstick, danish thoroughbred full body
Picture of barb mares and foals within ancient city walls at meknes morocco
Picture of barb mares and moroccan arabs mares, foals within ancient city walls at meknes morocco
Picture of trakehner mare and foal outside stables at webelsgrund
Picture of girl measuring stirrup leather length
Picture of unwell trakehner horse with sheep companion
Picture of side view of mare standing
Picture of swedish warm blood mare
Picture of chickens outside stable
Picture of sheep farming in australia
Picture of combing a horse's tail
Picture of lipizzaner foals feeding in their ancient stables at piber
Picture of peruvian paso horse near a stable
Picture of group of German Arab mares with foal in their stable at marbach,
Picture of stables in morocco
Picture of two German Arab mares with foals in their stable at Marbach,
Picture of  side view of Holstein stallion at Elmshorn, Germany
Picture of girl grooming a horse at pony club camp