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Picture of heavily breathing commercial beef heifers in a shed with misty breath black and white
Picture of sh ch hello dolly at upperwood,  english setter in woods
Picture of Bärbl, Haflinger mare in flowery meadow among mountains in Austria
Picture of old type holstein mare, low angle view
Picture of Arbich, Kabardine stallion held by cossack in Caucasus mountains
Picture of sheeba, greyhound in snowy landscape
Picture of cute tabby kitten with tail up
Picture of black cat on fence
Picture of ch saxonsprings hackensack (hank) on rock with hair blowing, bis crufts '84
Picture of sloughi standing on grass
Picture of ch gisbourne inca, famous wirehaired dachshund, dog world top cc winner,62,
Picture of ch squirreldene bjanka, norwegian buhund posed in sunlight
Picture of Exmoor pony grazing in winter
Picture of tabby cat  in a tree meowing
Picture of foreign white cat climbing a tree
Picture of sh ch fiveacres chantelle and friend, two pointers in field
Picture of ScottishBlackface, Scottish Mule & Bluefaced
Picture of Mongrel dog standing on dune
Picture of champion giant schnauzer on a hillside
Picture of lokai stallion with decorated bridle and blanket at dushanbe, rider in traditional clothes
Picture of pelican in sunset, hood island, galapagos
Picture of a man and his shire horse at ploughing competition, mattingley, hants 1974
Picture of Husky in snowy field
Picture of Weimaraner, side view
Picture of geldara amrita, saluki in heather looking over shoulder
Picture of formakin kulta, formakin brolga & another formakin, three australian cattle dogs
Picture of cossack riding Kabardine horse in Caucasus mountains
Picture of Kabardine stallion held by cossack in Caucasus mountains, Mt elbruz
Picture of Taboon of Kabardine mares and foals in Caucasus mountains, a lush setting indeed
Picture of karabair horse and rider in registan square, samarkand
Picture of lusitano dressed for bull fight, caparisoned for the corrida,
Picture of selle français stallion at haras du pin, french saddle horse
Picture of dexter cow mooing
Picture of  donkey gazing into camera
Picture of greyhound in snowy forest
Picture of Gordon Setter in field
Picture of Texel cross lambs
Picture of Bichon Frise on rusty car
Picture of Exmoor pony grazing on Exmoor in winter
Picture of chartreuse cat in france, int ch pussy prince, on a lead
Picture of champion miniature pinscher looking up
Picture of miss e dundas mouat with her smooth collies near her home
Picture of five 10 week old Sphynx kitten
Picture of sh ch fiveacres chantelle, english pointer
Picture of akhal teke, fabulous gold stallion at piatigorsk hippodrome
Picture of Avenir de Latour, Ardennais stallion
Picture of Iceland horse at Hofn
Picture of Iceland horse at Hofn in sunlight against grey mountains
Picture of Hobbled Kabardine horse in Caucasus mountains, mt Elbruz in background
Picture of shire horse from courage brewery with brasses
Picture of orange eyed white kitten side view, backlit
Picture of ch barsheen magnus (mag), bloodhound rear view
Picture of ch saxonsprings hackensack (hank), lhasa apso standing in moorland on rock
Picture of fox hunting on exmoor, horse and rider on hillside
Picture of english toy terrier standing by water
Picture of welsh springer spaniel, sh ch deri darrell of linkhill, standing on short grass
Picture of two waved albatross in courtship dance on hood island, galapagos islands
Picture of two mongrel dogs in silhouette
Picture of alert Brittany spaniel in water
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