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Farm animals 

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2017 Calendars

2017 Calendars
We've just launched two titles:
> Celebrating Dogs 2017 Calendar -
by Sally Anne Thompson
> Cat Fantastic 2017 Calendar -
by Helmi Flick

Each calendar is created through a unique partnership between photographer, designer and printer bringing together outstanding imagery, design and production skills. In addition we donate 15% of profit to an animal charity.

To buy please click the following link.

Featured lightboxes

Our champions

These are our champions! Have a look at these cats and dogs who are or have been best in their breed.

Pastel backgrounds

Cat Eating out of bowl by Animal Photography, Anita Peeples
Going a little soft - go Pastel.

Spacial images

Saluki Dog Photo © Sally Anne Thompson
These images are great if you need to place typography over images, so perfect for magazines.

Our photographers

Featured - Sam Clark

Barking Border Collie by Animal Photography, Sam Clark
Sam Clark is an award-winning photographer, Sam has built up a reputation for producing first class agricultural imagery and for capturing dogs in both the show and sporting environments.

Learn more about Sam Clark.
View all Sam Clark's images.


This years winner

Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Animal Photography, Karen Morgan
The most viewed image of 2016 went to Karen Morgan's striking portrait of a Great Swiss Mountain Dog resting on a sofa.

Last years winner

Paul Kaye Image Winner 2012 - The Best of 2012
Paul Kaye's heart breaking image of Suzy the Cocker Spaniel puppy.