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About Leanne Graham

Leanne Graham has had a love affair with animals from a young age; from dogs to budgies, insects to rodents, reptiles to fish and everything in between.

It wasn't until she and her family lost their adopted Greyhound to old age that she realised how little she had by way of photographs to remember him by. Filled with guilt and sadness, Leanne was determined never to let this happen with future pets, and invested in a point-and-shoot camera in 2008.

A love affair
Once behind the camera, Leanne’s love of photography was born. That first point-and-shoot enabled her to record every moment she could of her family cats - and parrot - and she relished capturing their personalities on film.

In the first year her photographs, and her uncanny ability to capture animals true personalities, progressed to a level where her friends were asking her to help capture their beloved pets too.

After purchasing her first DSLR it was clear that she had a natural talent and an eye for a beautiful photograph that captured the animals beauty and character. Leanne took this ability and put it to good use photographing the dogs and cats at her local animal rescue, to try and help them find their forever homes.

A natural connection
It was at this stage that her work was becoming sought after to such a level, that it seemed prudent to take up pet photography as a business and focus her passion as a career. Leanne’s ethos has always been about the welfare of animals and she has a natural talent for working with dogs who have had difficult pasts and are nervous or worried by life; very much helped by her time working with the animals in the rescue centre.

Leanne's amazing ability to read dog body language so well means that she can allow them the freedom to be themselves and capture this in her work. This unique talent allows Leanne to produce some stunning photography, for owners to cherish.

Giving something back
Even with her busy pet photography schedule, Leanne is committed to helping homeless dogs throughout the country, and at a number of rescue centres, to try and bring their dogs alive in photographs enabling them to reach out to potential adoptive families.

There is no better way to spend time for Leanne than rolling around in a muddy field seeing the heart and soul of her subject come to life on camera.