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About Robin Burkett

Anyone who shares their life with an animal will know just how much of a rollercoaster ride it can be: messy, funny, peaceful, manic… a kaleidoscope of character and emotion. Ultimately though, it’s a relationship that offers incredible rewards;
the humorous, the tender, the unpredictable and sometimes downright unusual moments far outweigh any negatives, and
it’s those moments that we most treasure with our animal companions and that we strive to capture… Robin Burkett has made capturing those moments her speciality.

Robin’s passion for photography started early, her father – a keen photographer himself – was brave enough to allow the young Robin access to his camera equipment and dark room. She would spend her breaks and lunchtimes taking pictures in and around school, develop them in the evening, and then sell them to her classmates the next day.

Robin’s favourite subjects by far though, were the family pets. Her mother would bring home stray dogs from time to time, and Robin loved taking pictures of them; her first published picture – in the local newspaper – was of the family’s Black Labrador dressed up as a newspaper editor, complete with typewriter.

Career paths
Robin didn’t just enjoy taking pictures of dogs though, and would devote time each week to taking them to obedience and agility classes. As time went on, Robin developed a special connection with all the dogs in her life, and it began to show through in her imagery…

While she always loved photography – and from an early age displayed an incredible natural ability to work with light, background and subject – Robin never dreamed she could make a career out of it, so she went to college and studied computer science. Soon after the course ended though, she realised that particular career path wasn’t really for her, picked up her camera again and started taking pictures.

It took equally as short a time for Robin to realise she didn’t much enjoy taking pictures of landscapes or people either; what she really loved was taking pictures of animals…

A window on their world
Robin prefers to work in an environment where the subject feels most comfortable – their home, favourite park or outside space – and will often spend hours building trust and getting a real sense of character. Her amazing ability to connect and interact with her subjects allows the full repertoire of their personality to be revealed, and gives Robin the opportunity to capture the humorous, tender, unpredictable and sometimes downright unusual moments…

Combined with Robin’s amazing technical ability, her unique compositions and beautiful use of light, texture and background, it makes for a truly awe-inspiring collection. Robin’s images are unique, touching, funny and at times serene; they are a unique window on the world of each subject; they give the feeling you the viewer has somehow met and interacted with each subject, and have experienced their character.

Robin today
Since Robin picked up here camera again, she has only photographed animals, and has become one of the world’s most recognised specialists.

She donates her photography services to animal welfare charities and has a strong affinity towards rescue animals.

She lives with her adopted dogs Sierra and Juno, in Alexandria Virginia.

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Robin Burkett

Robin's picture selection

Images coming...

I love this one because this lab absolutely loved being in the water. Any chance she could get, she’d be propelling herself in with not a care in the world. The first image is her in the boat waiting patiently – but not too patiently. The next image was just a few seconds later when she couldn’t take it anymore and had to be in the water. I’ve never seen a dog enjoy the water so much. I love the action that is stopped – her back foot has just left the boat and her front foot is just entering the water – the sun is shining and creating stars on the water, and there is a kayaker in the background who seems to be watching. I also love the timelessness and happy colors of the wooden boat. I just remember how I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at this shoot – that’s probably why it’s my favorite.

Noteworthy images

We asked Robin to pick out her favorite images from some of our other photographers work.

Unique idea

AP-X5EAUK - Three abyssinian kitties
© Animal Photography, Alan Robinson

I like the depth of the image and the uniqueness of the idea – really interesting image to look at and explore.


AP-5YWY7H - In the show ring
© Animal Photography, Alice van Kempen
Great energy and drama, and I love the shadows of the audience in the background – great capture

How did she do that?

AP-0N6505 - Boxer balancing ball on head
© Animal Photography, Anita Peeples

Anita, gosh so many favorites... I’m a big fan of her sense of humor. Her images make me think and smile at the same time and that’s a great combination. “How did she do that?” I know the dog has a lot of trust in her to do that. The dog has the best expression – the expression is worth 1000 words. 

Vanity Fair

AP-0S6JPX - Great dane
© Animal Photography, Barbara O'Brien

Great idea which I would have never thought of, the body language of the dog, the fact that it’s in black and white – it just belongs in Vanity Fair.

Perfect capture

AP-5FZZMC – Labrador dog with towel on head
Photo © Animal Photography, Britta Jaschinski

This image pretty much captures how dogs feel and look after having a bath, wonderful.

A work of art

West Highland white, Photo © Animal Photography, David Jensen
AP-ZTLLS6 - West Highland white
Photo © Animal Photography, David Jensen

Gorgeous, moody scenery, and the white dog jumping into the image is great – this is something I could have on my wall.

Making you smile

AP-OOLII0 – American wirehair with rubber duck
© Animal Photography, Helmi Flick

Well, I guess I’m a sucker for humorous images because I just love this one. It is an image that would make me smile if I had it up on a wall. The bright colors, the fun feeling that comes from a rubber ducky and the great expression works together to make this image a success.

Wonderful expression

AP-MEPBWD – Dogue de Bordeaux
Photo © Animal Photography, Paul Cotney

Great colors and what a wonderful expression – it’s great fun to look at and explore all of the wrinkles in the puppy’s face.

Getting it all right

AP-14EZ5G – Three haflingers, portrait
© Animal Photography, Ron Willbie

The horses and scenery are beautiful, I love the depth of the image, and the expression on the middle horse just pulls it all together in a very interesting way.

Totally relaxed 

AP-YTD57G – Norwegian forest cat
© Animal Photography, Tetsu Yamazaki

What a cat, the beautiful markings really featured on the white background and the cat has a relaxed stance and expression, simply stunning.

Wonderful composition

AP-1IAV4T - Sphynx detail
© Animal Photography, Vidar Skauen

What a striking image – it has just enough information to get me curious about what this creature looks like – but not enough to hand it to me on a silver platter. Really makes me think. The composition is really nice, the moment feels real and there is a bit of humor in it as well.

Animal photography at its best

AP-23SPGD - Dalmatian with paw up
© Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson

This is really going to be hard because there are so many great ones spanning several years. The Dalmatian image, everything about it – the colors, the expression, the body language, the framing of the image, animal photography at its best.