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Below is our A-Z list of horse breeds. With over 270 breeds we have one of the biggest collections in the world. Simply click on the breed name to view each collection. We update the list weekly, so please email or call if you can’t find the breed you’re looking for.

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Exmoor Pony photo by Nigel Baker
Nigel Baker images going live.

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Hungarian Horse photo Sally Anne Thompson
AP-0UCF44 - Hungarian Horse ridden on Hortobagyi Puszta
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson

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Robin Burkett, Horses in Summer
AP-1Y1XUQ - Two horses rearing in Summer
Photo © Animal Photography, Robin Burkett
Arab, Photo © Animal Photography, Anita Peeples
AP-FVG7PH - Arabian against blue sky
Photo © Animal Photography, Anita Peeples


AP-46L5FO - Welsh Mountain Pony
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson

Horse Categories

Horse breeds are loosely divided into three categories based on general temperament.

Hotbloods - speed and endurance
Coldbloods - draft horses and some ponies, suitable for slow, heavy work
Warmbloods - developed from crosses between hot bloods and cold bloods, often focusing on creating breeds for specific riding purposes, particularly in Europe.

There are over 300 breeds of horses in the world today, developed for many different uses.