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We are very proud to represent some of the best Cat, Dog and Horse photographers in the world. Most the images you’ll find at Animal Photography you will only find here, most our work is exclusive to Animal Photography. All our images are Rights Managed. Our photographers range from world class names, to the amateur who has a wonderful eye.

Our Photographers

Sally Anne Thompson – Our inspiration

Sally Anne Thompson Animal Photography 
A true pioneer of the art, Sally Anne Thompson has combined highly developed photographic skills and an extraordinary ability to get the best out of her subjects, to produce the most unique, striking, and elegant animal images. In a career spanning over 50 years.
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Tetsu Yamazaki – Simply awe-inspiring…

Bengal Cat, Photo © Animal Photography, Tetsu Yamazaki
Known by fans and peers alike as ‘The Magician’, Tetsu Yamazaki has as uncanny ability to engage and excite his subjects; to tune into their personality; to recognise their character and engage with them in a way few people can. The result is one of the most awe-inspiring collections one can have the pleasure to view. Full of character and personality; full of humour and full of life; full of everything images of animals should be; full of Tetsu-magic.
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Alan Robinson – Patience is his virtue

As any animal photographer will know, cats can be quite challenging subjects. Add to that the chaotic atmosphere of the show environment, and it makes producing high quality work almost impossible. Alan Robinson meets the challenge head-on; and combining unparalleled technical ability with an uncanny knack of inspiring and relaxing the subjects, he and partner Janet bring beauty from chaos in each and every shot.
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Barbara O'Brien – Versatility defined

Combining incredible versatility and technical ability with a passion for, and affinity with, animals of all shapes and sizes, Barbara OBrien produces some of the most wonderfully touching, natural and humorous images ever captured.
A glance through her portfolio reveals such an enormous variety of styles, situations and subjects you'd be forgiven for thinking it was the work of a veteran of the animal photography game, but in actual fact nothing could be further from the truth...
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Ron Willbie – Catching the moment

Ron Willbie, husband to Sally Anne Thompson joined Animal Photography in 1975 and specialised in 'catching the moment' and action shots. His work has contributed to many of the more candid shots in our collection.
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Eva-Maria Krämer – Rare breed specialist

Eva Maria Kramer Animal Photography
A truly unique personality and talent, Eva-Maria Krämer has an almost obsessive devotion to her work. In a career spanning 30 years, Eva has left no stone unturned, no reference book unstudied and no road untravelled in her quest for the perfect shots. Eva’s ability with and knowledge of her subjects; her technical ability with the camera, and eye for a shot; and her absolute devotion to tracking down the finest examples of each breed, are second to none, and have cemented her as one of the finest in her field.
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Robin Burkett – Window on the world…

One of the most difficult jobs for any animal photographer is getting the subject to trust, connect and interact. Robin Burkett has it off to a fine art, and as a result manages to capture the full repertoire of her subjects; the humorous, the tender, the unpredictable and sometimes downright unusual moments that make each and every animal unique. Robin’s work opens the window onto the world of each and every one of her subjects and is more than worth a look…
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Leanne Graham – A natural Connection

Leanne Graham thumb
From a young age, Leanne Graham has had both a love and a natural connection to animals of all shapes and sizes. Leanne possesses an amazing ability to read animal body language, so even in a high-pressure work environment, she can relax even the most nervous of subjects and allow them the freedom to be themselves. This unique talent allows Leanne to produce some stunning photography; capturing the unique moments only those close to subject would normally see.
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Helmi Flick

When Helmi launched her career as a professional cat photographer, she did so without any formal training in photography and without the slightest fear that the venture would be anything but successful. The skills quickly followed and the optimism paid-off, so much so, that a shade over a decade later Helmi and husband Ken have become the most sought-after duo in the animal photography profession.
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Sam Clark

Sam Clark is an award-winning photographer, who's work appears mainly under the name of 'Farlap'. Following in her family's footsteps as a commercial photographer, Sam has built up a reputation for producing first class agricultural imagery and for capturing dogs in both the show and sporting environments... even when she's being chased by angry wild boar...
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Paul Kaye

Pop one of Paul Kaye's pictures on your PC and in a matter of seconds, the air is filled with “awws” and “aahs”. Paul's images have the ability to melt even the coldest picture editor's heart; they capture the essence of what makes animals appealing to us all; the cute, the cuddly, the affectionate, funny, and surprising... it's all there. If you're after a picture that tells a thousand words, captures a feeling or emotion, or just makes you laugh; see Paul Kaye.
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Alice Van Kempen

View Alice Van Kempen's photos

Anita Peeples

Anita Peeples Animal Photography
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Tara Gregg

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Vidar Skauen

Vidar Skauen Animal Photography
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David Jensen

David Jensen Portrait Animal Photography
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Nigel Baker

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Paul Cotney

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Nick Ridley

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Alex Grace

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Andrew Howells

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Julie Poole

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Tracy Morgan

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Britta Jaschinski

View Britta Jaschinski's photos

Judy Zatonski

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Leesia Teh

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Anna Pozzi

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Karin Newstrom

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Paul Walker

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Illona Haus

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Nick Ridley Animal Photography
Nick Ridley signs with Animal Photography.

Paul Walker signs with Animal Photography, voted Scottish Master Pet Photographer of the Year 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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Pointer dog, Photo © Animal Photography, Eva-Maria Krämer
Eva-Maria Krämer's superb photo's are now going live, adding over 100 dog breeds to our already huge collection. View our dog breeds list.

Bull Terrier photo Animal Photography, Alice van Kempen
Alice van Kempen's photos are now live.

Helmi Flick's photos are now going live.