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American Wirehair overview

The American Wirehair developed from the American Shorthair when a wirehaired kitten was produced in 1966. The Wirehair and the Shorthair originally shared the same Breed Standard, until, in 1967, a separate Standard was written for the Wirehair. Although the Wirehair has achieved breed recognition in the US, and its numbers are increasing throughout North America, the breed remains little known and unrecognized in many countries in the world.

Sweet-tempered, intelligent, affectionate and adaptable, the American Wirehair makes a good pet. The unusual wire texture of the hair is the result of a mutation affecting the guard hairs (top coat hair), causing them to crimp along the shaft. Needs little grooming.

American Wirehair foreign names

Americain a poil long (French)


United States

Biological data

Medium to large.
Well-balanced, well-proportioned body, with rounded muscles.
Medium-sized ears with slightly rounded tips; eyes large, round, bright and clear.
Hair quality
Dense, resilient, crimped and coarse. The individual hairs are of medium length, and are tight and springy, forming curls rather than waves.

Any colour with the exception of those showing evidence of hybridization resulting in chocolate, lavender, or bi-colour.
Eye colours 
Varies according to coat colour.
Tabby patterns include classic, mackerel, silver, red, brown, blue, cream, cameo, tortoiseshell, calico, dilute cameo, blue-cream, and tabby and white, or 'other wirehaired color' (OWC), any color or patterning with the exception of those showing evidence of hybridization, resulting in Himalayan patterning, with or without patches of white.

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American wirehair photo by Helmi Flick Animal Photography
AP-15LUSC - American Wirehair cat
Photo © Animal Photography, Helmi Flick

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American Wirehair kittens photo by Alan Robinson Animal Photography
AP-1NDL2C - American Wirehair kittens
Photo © Animal Photography, Alan Robinson