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Bombay cat overview

Descended from black American Shorthairs and Sable Burmese under the breeding programs of Nikki Horner during the 1950s.
Obtained breed recognition in the US in 1976, but remains rare elsewhere in the world.

The characteristic brilliant-copper eye color may turn green as the cat ages. Adapts well to family life, having a gregarious personality and an even-tempered nature. Needs little grooming.


United States

Breed number/code

No 72 (GCCF) 

Biological data

Muscular, medium-built body.
Medium-sized ears, set well apart and tilting slightly forward, broad at base with slightly rounded tips.
The eyes are set far apart with a rounded aperture.
Hair quality
Fine and short, with a satin-like texture and a patent-leather sheen.
Completely black.
Eye colours 
Ranges from gold to copper.

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Bombay cat – Breed standard

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Bombay picture ideas

Featured image

Bombay cat photo by Tetsu Yamazaki Animal Photography
AP-0F31RX - Bombay cat
Photo © Animal Photography, Tetsu Yamazaki

Bombay cats at home

Bombay cat photo by Robin Burkett Animal Photography
AP-B50SOV - Bombay cat lying on paper bag
Photo © Animal Photography, Robin Burkett