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Chartreux cat overview

One of the older cat breeds, the Chartreux is believed to have developed in France during the 18th century, in the Carthusian monastery of the monks who made the Chartreuse liqueur.
The Chartreux became almost extinct after World War II, saved only by breeding programs that outcrossed the Chartreux with Blue Longhairs.

The breed became best known for being the favored breed of French author Colette, as well as French President Charles de Gaulle. Despite its French origins, the Chartreux is more popular in the US than in many European countries. Despite the Chartreux's powerful appearance and its proven ability at hunting, the breed has a sweet, non-confrontational disposition. Requires daily combing.



Breed number/code


Biological data

Medium to large.
Robust physique, with solid, dense muscles.
Ears are of medium size and held very erect.
Eyes are rounded and open, alert and expressive.
Hair quality
Medium-short and slightly woolly in texture.
Any shade of blue-gray, from ash to slate.
Eye colours
Can range from copper to gold, with a clear, deep, brilliant orange being preferred.

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Chartreux cat photo by Sally Anne Thompson Animal Photography
AP-0JZICC - Champion Chartreux cat
© Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson