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LaPerm overview

First came from naturally occurring mutation in 1982 in a brown tabbly barn cat. Mutation produces both long and shorthaired cats. Kittens can be born with any one of three coat types: straight haired, curly coated, or bald. Kittens born with straight hair will generally maintain the straight hair throughout life while the curly coated or bald kittens will be curly coated as adult. Coat texture is distinctly different from that of any Rex mutation and will vary within the breed. Whiskers are very long and curly, ear furnishings and eyebrow hairs may also curl.

LaPerm cats have a gentle and affectionate personality but are also very active. Generally quiet-voiced but may be vocal when wanting attention. Shed very little so they make a good choice
for those with mild allergies. Little grooming needed.

Other known names for LaPerm

Alpaca Cat, Dalles LaPerm


United States

Breed number/code

No 80S / 80L (GCCF)

Biological data

Medium and well muscled.
Medium large ears and medium large, almond-shaped eyes.
Tail in proportion to body. LaPerm will have a full plume tail while the LaPerm Shorthair will have a 'bottle brush' tail. 
Hair quality
LaPerm (longhair): medium-long to long. May have ruff on neck at maturity.
Tail is plumed with some curling. Coat is curly to wavy.
LaPerm (shorthair): short to approximately medium long. No ruff.
Tail is not plumed but hair may be wavy. Coat is curly or wavy.
All colours acceptable 
Eye colours
Have no relation to coat colour.
All patterns acceptable.

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LaPerm – Breed standard

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LaPerm photo by Helmi Flick Animal Photography
AP-1PBUYS - LaPerm cat
Photo © Animal Photography, Helmi Flick