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Munchkin overview

Originated in Louisiana, USA in 1983. The Munchkin developed from random bred cats identified with an autosomal dominant form of dwarfism that affects only the long bones causing shortened limbs. Munchkin litters are often smaller than the average cat litters.

Most cat registries do not recognize the Munchkin due to controversy of the dwarfism trait:
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy - not recognized.
Cat Fanciers’ Association - not recognized.
Federation Internationale Feline – not recognized.

Affectionate and moderately docile. Outgoing and intelligent. Mainly domestic shorthair and longhair attributes due to recent breed development. Grooming – normal grooming required for shorthair and longhaired cats.


United States

Biological data

Small to medium.
Medium build with well-rounded chest.
Short legs with round, compact feet all pointing directly straight forward.
Tail carried erect when in motion, tapering to a rounded tip.
Tail being length of body.
Males are generally larger than females.
Head: modified wedge, high defined cheekbones. 
Walnut shaped eyes in most colours.
Hair quality
Shorthair: medium-plush, resilient all-weather coat.
Longhair: semi-long silky all-weather coat.
All colours.

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Munchkin photo by Helmi Flick Animal Photography
AP-BU9NF2 - Munchkin cat
Photo © Animal Photography, Helmi Flick