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Pixie Bob overview

Originated in Washington State, USA in 1985.  The Pixie Bob is the only breed that allows polydactyly, cats with more than the usual 5 toes on the front paws and 4 on the back. Tails can be of varying lenghts.

Visually similar to the North American Bobcat yet has an very affectionate, trusting nature. This hybrid breed is people-oriented and active. Little grooming needed for shorthaired variety and once a week for longhaired.


United States

Biological data

Males weigh 12-17 pounds.
Females range 8-12 pounds.
Heavy and well-muscled with a broad, well-developed chest. Both males and females have a belly pouch.
The unique medium to large head is an inverted wide pear shape. Lynx tipping on ears desirable.
Minimum tail length is 2 inches but can be as long as the hock. The tail is frequently kinked or knotted but should be completely flexible and move naturally.
The breed is allowed up to 7 toes per paw.
Hair quality
Short and medium haired. Shorthair coat is soft, woolly, resilient, and stands off the body. The coat of the longhair is less than 2 inches long and is semi-dense. Facial hair is full and bushy with downward growth pattern.
Eye colors are gold to brown;
Gooseberry green is acceptable but not preferred.
Brown spotted tabby.
Muted broken mackerel pattern is allowed.
Belly should be spotted.

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Pixie Bob – Breed standard

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Pixie Bob photo by Tetsu Yamazaki Animal Photography
AP-PE7C9Q - Pixie Bob cat
Photo © Animal Photography, Tetsu Yamazaki