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Scottish Fold overview

Cats with folded ears have been known for more than two centuries, but all Scottish Folds can be traced back to a white farm cat named Suzie, born in Scotland in 1961. Also known as the Highland Fold, the Scottish Fold remains a controversial breed, as the distinctive fold is considered to be an undesirable deformity by some.

Popular throughout North America, the Scottish Fold is not recognized in its native country. The longhaired variety is considerably more rare than its shorthaired cousin.

Gentle, sweet and sensible, highly affectionate and good with other animals and children, the Scottish Fold's adaptable personality makes it suitable for most lifestyles.

Other known names for Scottish Fold

Coupari, Highland Fold

Scottish Fold foreign names

Schotse Vouwoorkat (Dutch), Schottische Faltohrkatze (German), Fold Escocés (Spanish)



Biological data

Stands firm, with a well-padded body.
Ears set in a cap-like position, folding forward and downward.
Large, well-rounded eyes, characteristically wide open with a sweet expression.
Hair quality
Shorthair: Dense, plush and even, standing away from the body and of soft texture.
Longhair: Full coat on face and body. Britches, tail plume, toe tufts and ear furnishings should be clearly visible, with a ruff being desirable.
Any colour or pattern with the exception of those showing evidence of hybridization resulting in chocolate or lavender, or either of these colours with white.
Eye colours 
Varies according to coat colour, with odd eyes acceptable in certain colours.
Tabby patterns include classic, mackerel, spotted, ticked, patched, silver, blue silver, blue-silver patched, blue-silver pewter, red, brown, blue, cream, cameo, tortoiseshell, and 'other Scottish Fold colour' (OSFC), any pattern with the exception of those showing evidence of hybridization resulting in Himalayan patterning, with or without white patches.

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Scottish Fold – Breed standard

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Scottish Fold cat photo by Tetsu Yamazaki Animal Photography
AP-B7HHNU - Scottish Fold cat
Photo © Animal Photography, Tetsu Yamazaki