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Turkish Van cat overview

Semi-longhair developed from cats imported from the Lake Van region of Turkey. Championship status. Rather livelier than a Persian; likes to play in water. Needs regular grooming but coat is less likely to mat than a Persian.

Other known names for Turkish Van cat

Swimming cat, Van cat

Turkish Van foreign names

Turkse Van (Dutch), Turc de Van (French), Türkisch Van (German), Van Turco (Spanish)



Breed number/code

No 13d (GCCF) / TUV (FIFe)

Biological data

Sturdy and muscular.
Hair quality
Long and silky.
May be noticeably shorter in Summer.
Only red and cream are recognized at Championship status.
Also bred in black, blue, black and blue tortie, brown (black) and blue tabby which are recognized elsewhere.
Eye colours
Amber, blue or one of each.
Van pattern: white with coloured tail and two coloured head markings separated by a white blaze.
May have small spots of colour on the body, but these are not desirable.

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Turkish Van cat – Breed standard

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Turkish Van cat references and further reading

Turkish Van Breed Council

Classic Turkish Van Cat Association
Turkish Van Cat Club

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Turkish Van cat photo by Tetsu Yamazaki Animal Photography
AP-0FLNIS - Turkish Van cat
Photo © Animal Photography, Alan Robinson