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Basenji dog overview

Originated from Zaire (the Democratic Republic of Congo) in Africa as a small, short-haired hunting dog. An ancient breed dating back to the pharaohs, has a keen nose which can scent at 80 yards, is known as the silent hunter. The Basenji does not bark but it is not mute. They have a short, fine and smooth coat.

It is intelligent, independent, alert and aloof with strangers.
Wrinkled forehead, tightly curled tail and smooth gait.
It has a balanced structure and a smooth musculature which enables ease of movement and agility.

Other known names for Basenji

African Bush Dog, African Barkless Dog, Ango Angari, Avuvi, Congo Dog, Zande Dog, Voiceless Dog



Breed Group

Hound Group

Biological data

Male: 11 kg. / 24 lbs.
Female: 10 kg. / 22 lbs.
Male: 43 cm. / 17 inches.
Female: 45.5 cm. / 16 inches.
Colours, markings and patterns
Red, pure black, black/tan, tri-colour (pure black and red with white feet, chest and tail tip) or brindle - all with white markings.
Red, pure black, black/tan, tri-colour (pure black and red with white feet, chest and tail tip) or brindle - all with white markings.

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Basenji – Breed standard

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AP-0PMX1S - Two Basenji dogs on lead
Photo © Animal Photography, Barbara O'Brien