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Boxer overview

The Boxer dog was recognized by Kennel Club in 1937 and was previously customarily docked. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, docking has been banned in the UK. However an exemption has been put in place for Spaniels, Terriers and Hunt, Point and Retrieve breeds if the owner (breeder) can prove that the puppies have been bred to work.

Ancestry of the Boxer dog is said to go back to the Molossian dog of the Romans. More recent ancestor was the Bullenbeisser, a bull fighting dog from Germany. From these fighting roots the breed became a war dog and then a guarding breed. Their original use was for bull baiting and guarding. They are a boisterous breed of good temperament and suitable for family life. Needs a good amount of exercise.

Other known names for Boxer

German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer

Boxer foreign names

Bokser (Dutch)



Breed Group

Working Group

Biological data

Male: 30-32 kg.
Female: 25-27 kg.
Male: 57-63 cm.
22½-25 inches.
Female: 53-59 cm.
21-23½ inches.
Colours, markings and patterns
Fawn or brindle. White markings acceptable not exceeding one third of ground colour.
Fawn : various shades from dark deer red to light fawn.
Brindle : black strips on previously described fawn shades, running parallel to ribs all over body. Stripes contrast distinctly to ground colour, neither too close nor too thinly dispersed. Ground colour clear, not intermingling with stripes.

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Boxer – Breed standard

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