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Miniature Poodle overview

The Miniature poodle is the mid-size in the Poodle breed with the Toy Poodle being slightly smaller and the Standard Poodle bigger.

The Miniature Poodle originated in France as a companion dog. It is a miniaturisation of the German herd-guarding and water-retrieving standard poodle. They are independent, agile, thoughtful and responsive, and are easily obedience trained and good with children.

Their size makes them suitable to the urban environment, and they like both hot and cold climates. Their woolly, springy, curly resilient hair requires very regular grooming, but they do not shed hair.

Miniature Poodle foreign names

Poedel (Dutch), Caniche Moyenne (French), Pudel (German), Barbone nano (Italian)



Breed Group

Utility Group

Biological data

Male: 7 kg.
15.5 lbs.
Female: 7 kg.
15.5 lbs.
Male: 28-38 cm.
10-15 inches.
Female: 28-38 cm.
10-15 inches.
Colours, markings and patterns
All solid colours.
White and creams have black nose, lips, and eyerims, black toe nails desirable;
Browns to have dark amber eyes, dark liver nose, lips, eyerims and toenails.
Apricots to have dark eyes with black points or deep amber eyes with liver points.
Blacks, silvers and blues to have black eyes, lips, eyerims and toenails. Creams, apricots, browns, silvers and blues may show varying shades of the same color up to 18 months. Clear colours preferred.

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Miniature Poodle – Breed standard

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Miniature Poodle colours

Below are some examples of the various colours of Miniature Poodles, colour names sometimes differ from country to country, 
Colours can vary according to lighting, whether it was taken indoors or outdoors and even the quality of the dog. 
So sadly not an exact science.

White Miniature Poodles

AP-TBRXVI - White Miniature Poodle
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson

Brown Miniature Poodles

AP-06LOI4- Brown Miniature Poodle
Photo © Animal Photography, Sam Clark

Black Miniature Poodles

AP-U7PRCS - Black Miniature Poodles
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson

Silver Miniature Poodles

AP-NLXWA5 - Silver Miniature Poodles
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson


Miniature Poodle
picture ideas

Featured image

AP-VUAXE8 - black miniature Poodle
Photo © Animal Photography, Julie Poole

Miniature Poodles outdoors

AP-1ZAD5R - Champion Stanlyn Cleopatra (gigi) miniature poodle in show clip
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson

Miniature Poodles indoors

AP-BC9VPU - white Miniature Poodle on bench
Photo © Animal Photography, Julie Poole