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Picture of nine month old Dogo Canario dog standing on hind legs, dressed up as angel
Picture of Rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog performing basic tricks
Picture of Staffordshire Bull Terrier playing and listening to owner
Picture of tabby cat gazing upwards
Picture of border collie head on one side
Picture of english bulldog puppy looking up
Picture of black labrador walking near owner and looking at his face
Picture of waved albatross in courtship dance, hood island, galapagos islands
Picture of Profile shot of a Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund
Picture of black cat pawing at  flowers
Picture of long haired black cat
Picture of Robyn Arnall & MYRIEHEWE GORDON BENNETT "Gordon" Runners up YKC Crufts 2012 Handler of the Year
Picture of golden retriever in profile licking nose
Picture of Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal looking interested
Picture of two German Arab foals nuzzling at marbach,
Picture of pharaoh hound looking up
Picture of two blue footed boobies in courtship dance on lava rock, champion island, galapagos
Picture of chihuahua puppy licking ladies face