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Picture of tabby cat looks over the parapet
Picture of old lady holding lots of chihuahua puppies. Miss Russell-Allen, Dalhabboch
Picture of peterbald kitten shaking paw
Picture of abyssinian kitten crouching in grass
Picture of abyssinian kitten on branch
Picture of Ginger cat crouching ready to pounce
Picture of boxer balancing ball on head
Picture of Bengal cat sitting, studio shot on black background
Picture of Norwegian Forest Cat, Quadzilla's Taiji sitting on the floor an looking up
Picture of Eriskay Pony cuddled by children
Picture of Taboon of Kabardine colts close up in Caucasus mountains
Picture of Black and white portrait of a Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund
Picture of serious chocolate Labrador Retriever in a field sniffing
Picture of Full body side shot of Quadzilla's Taiji sitting, studio shot with black background
Picture of tuxedo kitten with polydactyl paws balancing on cat tower
Picture of young palomino foal trying out its legs (breed and colour to be confirmed)
Picture of siberian husky and mongrel dog sniffing each other
Picture of border collie herding sheep on the set of  'one man and his dog', lake district, herdwick sheep
Picture of Portrait of champion Kronangens Lucia looking towards camera, studio shot with black background
Picture of Lipizzaner colts eyeing each other at piber
Picture of 2 lipizzaner colts sizing each other up at stubalm, piber
Picture of black and white English Setter walking in a field, black and white picture
Picture of Kitten looking at camera, will loose her fur over time
Picture of Bloodhound dog sniffing and looking at a cat that is seated in front of him
Picture of Chihuahua peaking out from under blanket
Picture of bengal concentrating
Picture of White Swiss Shepherd dog, walking on rocks
Picture of lynx bengal cat sitting and looking up
Picture of black and white of two boxers looking out glass door
Picture of seal point birman cat, int ch sinh-francis de mun-ha, on rock in paris
Picture of international champion Quadzilla's Sirius with front paw up
Picture of asian leopard cat sitting outside
Picture of peterbald kitten walking toward camera
Picture of Peterbald kitten together with a Chihuahua
Picture of two Bengal cats kissing
Picture of champion Valentino Sterling Silver
Picture of bengal cat champion Svedbergakulle Goliath crouched in a cat basket
Picture of abyssinian kitten in tree, meowing
Picture of Peterbald kitten front view, will loose fur over time
Picture of trained german shepherd dog and young child with a ball
Picture of five young Golden Retrievers near river
Picture of ginger household cat on grass
Picture of orange tabby kitten peeking over edge of basket
Picture of white kitten lying down
Picture of two terrier mixes looking out front door together
Picture of ginger cat looking down, waiting to play
Picture of beagle going nose to nose with a Saanen goat kid
Picture of bengal cat walking on table
Picture of cat peeking out
Picture of Portrait of a bengal cat
Picture of Young bengal cat looking aggressive while guarding food
Picture of white kitten sitting
Picture of terrier mix standing
Picture of british shorthaired kitten playing with toy mouse
Picture of seal point Siamese cat under a sofa
Picture of Boxer coming down a dune
Picture of bengal cat crouched under a wooden beam
Picture of German shepherd guarding fence
Picture of yellow labrador on peg on a shoot with game bag
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