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Picture of Australian Champion Italian Spinone in studio
Picture of Australian Champion Dobermann, profile
Picture of abyssinian cat on logs in canada
Picture of grand champion abyssinian cat from canada head study
Picture of ch xox betula, seal point and copplestone maria, blue point colourpoint cats. (Aka: Persian or Himalayan)
Picture of tortoiseshell short haired cat looking down from a tree
Picture of ch pathfinders posy, tortoiseshell and white cat
Picture of 2 year old Brown Mackerel Tabby LaPerm Male Alter standing to Right looking at us.
Picture of Portrait of champion Kronangens Lucia looking towards camera, studio shot with black background
Picture of golden retriever jumping over a gate
Picture of  ch weycombe benny, staffordshire bull terrier on a lawn
Picture of ch jazirat bahiyya (bronte), saluki standing in garden infront of trees, winner hound group crufts 1991
Picture of ch samavai steps out, miniature schnauzer sitting on dry stone wall
Picture of champion shetland sheepdog, portrait with a sky background
Picture of champion miniature poodle in show clip, ch stanlyn cleopatra (gigi)
Picture of am ch sulan's master blend, lhasa apso in show coat in usa
Picture of ch arkama made to measure, kerry blue terrier head and shoulder
Picture of champion kerry blue terrier looking away
Picture of ch neradmik jupiter, keeshond in heathland looking up
Picture of six afghan hounds from Grandeur Afghans USA
Picture of champion field spaniel head portrait
Picture of ch bordercot guy, flatcoat retriever standing in a field
Picture of international champion german shepherd dog portrait
Picture of ch paran prima donna , ibizan hound sitting with her puppy
Picture of sh ch kellybrook joxer daly, irish water spaniel by lakeside
Picture of champion afghan hound side view, ch shere khan of tarjih
Picture of ch lovely lady of glenmist, rough collie, portrait
Picture of german hunt terrier, ger ch ethel vom alderhorst, looking up at her owner
Picture of Bloodhound dog profile head shot
Picture of grand ch silva-wyte trafari of jb, long hair black cat
Picture of champion chocolate point siamese cat
Picture of Norwegian Forest Cat portrait, international champion Quadzilla's Sirius
Picture of  ch ginger xmas carol, bis crufts, airedale head and shoulder side view
Picture of golden retriever from westley, head  study
Picture of golden retriever jumping over a fence
Picture of two whippets in field (one champion)
Picture of ch nutshell of nevedith, whippet  in field, res bis crufts 1990
Picture of beautiful champion standard poodle standing in front of greenery
Picture of champion standard poodle looking over shoulder
Picture of sh ch fiveacres chantelle and friend, two pointers on moorland
Picture of tosca, cornevon irish setter portrait
Picture of famous champion labrador with typical head and alert expression
Picture of ch neradmik jupiter, keeshond, CC breed record holder
Picture of ch jokyl gallipants (soldier), airedale sitting on grass
Picture of ch gillro jack flash of manadori, bernese mountain dog standing
Picture of champion borzoi standing on grass
Picture of champion borzoi in usa with blue sky and blossom
Picture of  am ch somerset's stage door review, english cocker spaniel in USA trim standing in woods
Picture of ch merrowlea opal of boristi,   french bulldog standing in long grass
Picture of ch picanbil pericles, great dane standing in a field
Picture of ch paran prima donna  ibizan hound and puppy looking in different directions
Picture of ch snogaard venn  sitting norwegian buhund
Picture of champion australian cattle dog,  portrait
Picture of am ch cruachan barbaree olympian, deerhound, portrait
Picture of irish water spaniel, sh ch kellybrook joxer daly, striding out at lakeside, kellybrook joxer daly
Picture of miniature poodle in the wind
Picture of otterhound, am ch billekin amanda grizzlet, head study
Picture of saluki from burydown in the woods
Picture of saluki on the beach in silhouette
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