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Picture of champion english pointer, ch waghorn statesman, on point in moorland
Picture of great dane and yorkshire terrier standing together
Picture of horse and rider on a hillside on exmoor during a hunt with exmoor foxhounds
Picture of pony walking in a field at dawn
Picture of sh ch liza of linkhill, welsh springer spaniel standing on hillside
Picture of sh ch fiveacres chantelle and friend, two pointers in field
Picture of fox hunting on exmoor, horse and rider on hillside
Picture of borzoi lying in countryside
Picture of Pheasant in countryside
Picture of two borzois in countryside
Picture of two Texel cross lambs looking at each other
Picture of Cocker Spaniel walking in the hills
Picture of ch lohteyn golden peach, cornish rex cat climbing over a stile
Picture of scottish blackface ewe and lamb on yorkshire moors
Picture of pony at sunrise
Picture of French Bulldog standing in long grass with yellow flowers
Picture of looking up at tervueren in grass
Picture of lycur of wynbriar, tarncred janus, two maremma sheepdogs standing in field
Picture of lone rider on altai horse in forest
Picture of Beagle running towards camera in snow
Picture of adult and baby Lurcher dog sniffing noses
Picture of phil drabble with his german shepherd dogs, one man and his dog presenter
Picture of greyhound, irish bred ex racer, wilcox sunrise, in snow, merrow, all photographer's profit from this image go to greyhound charities and rescue organisations
Picture of black and white English Setter sitting in a field
Picture of Labrador Retriever full body standing on log
Picture of beautiful Lurcher dog standing in sunlight and looking towards camera
Picture of sonnenberg viking, brittany trotting througha corn field
Picture of pack of exmoor foxhounds on exmooor
Picture of German Shepherd Dog head shot with mouth open and looking towards camera
Picture of French Bulldog standing on log and looking curiously at camera
Picture of Gordon Setter on a countryside walk
Picture of  german shepherd dog from druidswood, lying in a hay cart
Picture of Russian Toy Terrier sitting and looking at camera
Picture of mother with her litter of puppies
Picture of Champion Bloodhound
Picture of saluki geldara amrita and chalkyfield  norfolk terriers  playing
Picture of sonnenberg viking, brittany standing in a stubble field
Picture of flock of sheep in the lake district
Picture of silver seabright female bantam
Picture of orpington x bred hen
Picture of two Llamas standing in the snow
Picture of french bulldog showing NON standard black and white colour since the new color change by the KC (UK)
Picture of ch waghorn statesman, pointer on point on moorland with water
Picture of ch ginger xmas carol, airedale posing in the countryside, best in show at crufts
Picture of Scottish Mule, Texel cross and Suffolk cross ewes
Picture of jack russel sniffing air in garden
Picture of champion bloodhound sat in autumn leaves in front of a tree
Picture of Beagle dog sniffing grass and walking
Picture of pheasant in the countryside
Picture of windfall of shilstone rocks,
dartmoor mare drinking in river scene on dartmoor
Picture of silver Sebright Bantam hen
Picture of czechoslovakian wolfdog cross walking and smelling free on top of a hill in a countryside setting
Picture of mixed breed bantam, partridge colour
Picture of border collie herding sheep on the set of  'one man and his dog', lake district, herdwick sheep
Picture of odivane francesca of nantiderri,   italian spinone trottting down a track
Picture of pointer on point in moorland
Picture of greyhound, rescued racer, and lurcher standing in a stubble field, roscrea emma, rosy
Picture of Duke of Edinburgh carriage driving competition,  Cleveland Bays
Picture of Clydesdale showing hind quarters
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