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Picture of Kabardine mare drinking with foal in Caucasus mountains
Picture of Kabardine mare drinking in Caucasus mountains
Picture of blonde d'aquitaine calf and cow at sunset
Picture of silver tabby British Shorthair cat nurturing her kittens
Picture of windfall of shilstone rocks,
dartmoor mare drinking in river scene on dartmoor
Picture of highland cattle drinking
Picture of shetland pony foal investigating
Picture of tersk filly in water drinking at stavropol stud, russia
Picture of two Don mares among reeds with a foal suckling
Picture of welsh mountain pony drinking from a bucket
Picture of lipizzaner mare at lipica with foal suckling
Picture of child with pony at water trough in winter
Picture of gloucester calf drinking from mother
Picture of two superb starlings looking for food
Picture of lamb drinking  milk from a bottle of
Picture of Exmoor mare with foal suckling
Picture of Lipizzaner colt at stubalm, piber, pawing at a water trough.
Picture of Lipizzaner mares feeding in their ancient stable at piber
Picture of guernsey cow with calf drinking
Picture of lamb drinking
Picture of Snowshoe mother with kittens
Picture of German Shepherd Dog drinking water
Picture of goldendoodle drinking from water fountain
Picture of lilac point siamese kitten being bottle fed
Picture of herd of sheep and goats on the bank of uaso nyiro river, kenya, doum palms
Picture of Nguni lamb drinking
Picture of five Golden Retriever puppies eating together
Picture of Kabardines taboon of mares and foals with one stallion and one gelding drinking at pond in Caucasus mountains
Picture of lipizzaner mare with foal suckling at piber
Picture of palomino mare with her chestnut foal suckling
Picture of hunting scene, hounds drinking at water trough, vale of aylesbury hunt
Picture of poll dorset with lamb suckling
Picture of galapagos sea lion cow with pup suckling on south plazas island, galapagos islands
Picture of tersk filly standing in water, drinking, at stavropol stud, Russia
Picture of chocolate point siamese cat with kittens suckling
Picture of grey face dartmoor ewes and lambs in a flock
Picture of new forest pony stallion and mare drinking at pool in the forest
Picture of Boston Terrier puppies eating
Picture of Bulldog drinking from bottle
Picture of lipizzaner colts water trough at stubalm, piber
Picture of tortoiseshell non pedigree cat drinking from a bucket
Picture of otterhound, am ch billekin amanda grizzlet, drinking from river
Picture of new forest pony drinking in the forest
Picture of blue silver Somali
Picture of Bulldog drinking water from river
Picture of Camborough sow with her day old litter of x breed piglets
Picture of Laperm cat drinking from kitchen tap
Picture of two Frederiksborg stallions grazing and drinking
Picture of two Frederiksborgs grazing and drinking at shallow pool
Picture of airedale puppies eating from a dish
Picture of greyface dartmoor sheep drinking water
Picture of new forest pony mare and foal drinking in a pool in the forest
Picture of six kittens drinking milk from saucer
Picture of bull terrier bitch with her puppies
Picture of Lleyn lamb being fed from a baby's  bottle.
Picture of Suffolk Punch foal drinking
Picture of Friesian foal drinking
Picture of four young Golden Retrievers near water
Picture of brittany bitch with her puppies suckling
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