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Picture of sleepy basset hound yawning
Picture of Champion Saluki sitting in tree
Picture of Champion Barsheen Magnus (mag), Bloodhound walking scenting
Picture of keeshond puppy looking over a large log (by kind permission of Edward Arran)
Picture of great dane and yorkshire terrier standing together
Picture of ch merrowlea opal of boristi, french bulldog head in profile
Picture of afghan hound, portrait
Picture of lion yawning in kenya
Picture of German Arab mare and foal at marbach
Picture of sh ch hello dolly at upperwood,  english setter in woods
Picture of ch saxonsprings hackensack (hank) on rock with hair blowing, bis crufts '84
Picture of ch squirreldene bjanka, norwegian buhund posed in sunlight
Picture of camargue pony cross bred galloping on the camargue
Picture of beagle looking very confident
Picture of geldara amrita, saluki in heather looking over shoulder
Picture of ch burydown iphigenia, saluki sitting in tree looking into camera
Picture of formakin kulta, formakin brolga & another formakin, three australian cattle dogs
Picture of siberian husky, ch forstal's noushka
Picture of two karabakh horses and riders walking through trees, colour faded
Picture of Gordon Setter in field
Picture of ch barsheen magnus (mag), bloodhound rear view
Picture of ch saxonsprings hackensack (hank), lhasa apso standing in moorland on rock
Picture of english toy terrier standing by water
Picture of Nuage, Camargue stallion running with mares and foals
Picture of black lab shaking off water
Picture of komondor lying on grass
Picture of group of Exmoors running on Exmoor
Picture of shetland pony in winter with shaggy coat
Picture of welsh mountain pony at rhosilli on gower peninsula, wales
Picture of young French Bulldog near riverside
Picture of ch davlen the beloved, standard poodle, looking very chic
Picture of ch lohteyn golden peach, cornish rex cat climbing over a stile
Picture of long coat and smooth coat two chihuahuas standing on grass
Picture of German Arab stallion leaping at marbach,
Picture of welsh mountain ponies, mare and foal, at rhosilli, gower peninsula
Picture of ch saxonsprings hackensack (hank) lhasa apso, looking proud in moorland
Picture of irish Water Spaniel with bird
Picture of Ragdoll cross Persian jumping through greenery
Picture of French Bulldog standing in long grass with yellow flowers
Picture of ch merrowlea opal of boristi, french bulldog standing on high ground
Picture of ch moctezuma, mexican hairless looking alert
Picture of undocked weimaraner in long grass
Picture of adzi z keltske hory cs, alert pinscher with cropped ears
Picture of kishu, ribbons chiyohime of shima, with paw up
Picture of ch montravia kaskarak hitari (alfie), afghan hound standing on grass, bis crufts 1983
Picture of ch barsheen magnus (mag),  bloodhound trotting out in a rocky gorge
Picture of short coated dutch shepherd dog in the countryside
Picture of working type english springer spaniel on river embankment
Picture of lone rider on altai horse in forest
Picture of tabby point siamese cat in a field
Picture of feral x cat, ben
Picture of scottish blackface ewe and lamb on yorkshire moors
Picture of Airedale puppy sitting on rock, front view
Picture of Skewbald horse show jumping
Picture of two English Setters sitting on grass
Picture of Schnauzer dog standing in beautiful colourful garden
Picture of Arab (Egyptian) horse looking at camera
Picture of ch forstal's noushka,  siberian husky looking down thoughtfully
Picture of foreign white cat on branch
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