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Picture of karabair mares and foals grazing on the hillside with three riders in uzbekistan
Picture of two suffolk punch horses at ploughing competition at paul heiney's farm
Picture of ankole herd in field
Picture of Kabardine mares and foals leaving enclosure in Caucasus mountains
Picture of lipizzaner mares and foals at piber with church in background
Picture of noric horses in an austrian valley
Picture of yakut ponies in snow, some grazing
Picture of group of horses
Picture of cattle at a riverside
Picture of kisber mares and foals in hungary
Picture of csikó pumps water at water crane for hungarian horses at trough on great hungarian plain, hortobagyi puszta,
Picture of group of trakehners running together in a field in germany
Picture of noric horse in an austrian valley
Picture of austrian half bred horses at piber
Picture of lipizzaners at wilhelm, piber
Picture of Latvian horses in field
Picture of group of Dulmen ponies grazing in field
Picture of herd of Dulmen ponies in field
Picture of sorraia pony mare with bell
Picture of sorraia pony stallion with mares and youngsters in portugal
Picture of herd of iceland horses grazing in Iceland
Picture of huzul pony at Siary, Gorlice.
Picture of mustangs running across sand
Picture of seven Highland Ponies by a stream in a meadow at Nashend stud