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Picture of longhorn bull at pithouse farm, ross on wye
Picture of Taigan, sighthound of kyrgyzstan, standing
Picture of Hyena standing in vast open land, Kenya
Picture of devon longwool ewe and lamb
Picture of donkey grazing on a farm
Picture of Working english setter at field trial
Picture of Pointer at work
Picture of highland ponies walking on a moor in scotland
Picture of Mother and Baby Hippo near to shallow lake in Amboseli, Kenya
Picture of group of karabair mares and foals grazing on the hillside at dzhizak, uzbekistan
Picture of portland sheep walking on hillside
Picture of portland ewe and two lambs
(one cross bred lamb)
Picture of rhodesian ridgeback, trotting across field
Picture of george bowman and his team at driving competition Zug 1981
Picture of Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog and working Golden Retriever bitch
Picture of masked booby underneath tree on nest at daphne island crater rim, galapagos islands
Picture of line of Highland Ponies walking on the moors in Scotland in spring
Picture of wurttemberger foals at marbach
Picture of welsh mountain ponies on brecon beacons, stallion and mare
Picture of iceland horses near a volcano at Kalfstindar
Picture of tethered mule looking out at bright angel trail, grand canyon
Picture of welsh mountain pony stallion with his mares and foals at pendock stud,
Picture of champion bernese mountain dog side view
Picture of grangewood william, famous shire horse stallion
Picture of champion miniature schnauzer, standing on a hilltop
Picture of two portland ewes and lambs, some cross bred, in paddock, two lambs butting
Picture of Taigan, sighthound of kyrgyzstan, on lead
Picture of masked booby on hood island galapagos with blow hole in background
Picture of iceland horses near a volcanic mountain at kalfstindar
Picture of Red Angus cross cow licking her calf as a Black Angus cow looks on.
Picture of Frohn-Vulkan X11/1445, noric stallion in austria
Picture of gordon setters at field trials
Picture of border collies working sheep in trials in peak district
Picture of ch coltrim mississippi gambler, english cocker spaniel standing in a field
Picture of smooth collie, ch peterblue silver mint, standing in field
Picture of l, double joy of rivona, r, ch rivona twice the fun, two pembroke corgis sitting together
Picture of ch bordercot guy , flatcoat retriever standing on a hillside
Picture of Connemara pony  looking ahead
Picture of Hodgson Brimfield Bonny with foal Yarlton Montgomery and another dales mare
Picture of Yarlton Penny Royal, Dales Pony mare on a hillside
Picture of two iceland mares having a chat  at sauderkrokur iceland
Picture of horse and rider in team cross country, team chase
Picture of mule ride on bright angel trail grand canyon
Picture of mule ride on bright angel trail grand canyon
Picture of rare breeds of sheep at ashley farm
Picture of trakehner mare and foal in paddock at webelsgrund