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Picture of weimaraner carrying stick
Picture of adler von der burg rode,  slovakian sheepdog on lead
Picture of komondor lying on grass
Picture of tilly, undocked english cocker spaniel wagging her tail
Picture of  magnificent edwards boy, undocked pembroke corgi showing his tail
Picture of english setter laying on grass
Picture of appenzeller standing on grass
Picture of Appaloosa horse with two foals
Picture of group of Appaloosa horses
Picture of Appaloosa head
Picture of German Arab foal at marbach with shedding coat, full body
Picture of Connemara mare with foal suckling
Picture of Frederiksborg wearing old fashioned head collar tethered in field
Picture of german shepherd dog from druidswood, police dog on westminster bridge
Picture of Japanese Bobtail cat in pink dress looking back
Picture of Iceland Horse at Sauderkrokur
Picture of chincoteague mare and foal on assateague island, usa
Picture of int ch dockaheems caresse, red abyssinian cat, on grass
Picture of bloodhound puppy on a blanket in a chair
Picture of shagya arab at topolcianky
Picture of Chocolate Tan coloured longhaired miniature Dachshund puppy, looking back
Picture of sh ch raycroft socialite, clumber spaniel, winning BIS crufts 1991 with judge leonard pagliero
Picture of dobermann cross standing in a field and looking back towards owner