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Picture of close up of orlov trotter driven in troika in snow.
Picture of a man and his shire horse at ploughing competition, mattingley, hants 1974
Picture of heavy horse taking a bow
Picture of shire horse from courage brewery with brasses
Picture of yarlton comely,dales pony mare head
Picture of Finnish Horse, a beautiful colour, head study, at Ypäjä, grey mane bronze coat
Picture of Foal on blue sky
Picture of wild white welsh pony
Picture of ross black prince, welsh cob (section d)
Picture of portrait of Icelandic stallion with sky background
Picture of akhal teke mare with foal
Picture of horse being pat by child
Picture of two Finnish Horses grazing in finland
Picture of iceland mares mutual grooming at Olafsvellir
Picture of percheron manes
Picture of pals midnite mitch, tennessee walking horse in usa
Picture of Chincoteague pony walking on assateague island with foal
Picture of Thoroughbred being ridden - looking out into field
Picture of Arabian standing on hilltop
Picture of welsh mountain pony tethered to fence with haynet
Picture of arab mare, portrait
Picture of Thoroughbred being ridden in field
Picture of child patting canadian sport horse
Picture of catherston night safe, riding pony, head study, owner jennie loriston-clarke. one of the most famous pony stallions ever produced in the uk. a prolific winner in hand and under saddle.
Picture of viatka pony with decorated bridle, head study
Picture of connemara pony mare from rosenaharley stud, head study
Picture of two shire horses in action
Picture of heavy horses with decorated manes working
Picture of dartmoor pony stallion trotting on dartmoor
Picture of canadian sport horse rear and tail
Picture of Yakut horse photograph Barmintsev
Picture of Bart van Wyngaarden, Dutch Draught Horse
Picture of shire horse in hyde park, watneys
Picture of yakut ponies standing together in snow in russia
Picture of maihelten 1692, fjord pony stallion showing mane, in Norway
Picture of pony's mane
Picture of Afghan, windswept Haflinger stallion
Picture of blonde pony's mane
Picture of shetland pony with arched neck nibbling leg
Picture of castle grey cloud, welsh mountain pony sec a,
Picture of chestnut canadian sport horse filly
Picture of new forest pony grazing on heather and other plants in the new forest
Picture of regency cream boy, albino welsh pony of cob type (section c) stallion
Picture of shilstone rocks snowfall dartmoor mare head and shoulders
Picture of noric mare eating grass
Picture of Brown Icelandic horse in snowy field
Picture of Illini Masterpiece, American Belgian head study
Picture of Illini Masterpiece, American Belgian head and shoulder
Picture of Illini Masterpiece, american belgian in show pose
Picture of side view of American miniature horse, shadyacres jonko
Picture of American miniature horse rearing, shadyacres jonko
Picture of american miniature horse with foal, shadyacres
Picture of Magnifico, Arab stallion head study
Picture of Dales Pony head
Picture of uno-malva 18918, north swedish horse in sweden, head study
Picture of elderley shetland pony
Picture of shire horses ploughing in competition
Picture of cermaes pandora, welsh mountain pony portrait
Picture of detail of horse mane
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