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Picture of Dobermann looking at cat
Picture of irish wolfhound with a piglet
Picture of Cossack riding Kabardine horse with dog in Caucasus
Picture of friendly looking cat rubbing against german shepherd dog
Picture of feral x kitten pawing cross bred dog, border collie x  bearded collie
Picture of icelanders, riding iceland horses driving sheep on a track in iceland
Picture of border collie returning flock of sheep to pasture after trials
Picture of two blue eyed white long hair kittens looking at worried guinea pig
Picture of standard poodle grabbing tail of tabby point siamese cat
Picture of riders, horses and hounds out with mid surrey farmers drag hunt
Picture of foxhound on a hunt with horses
Picture of beaufort hunt foxhounds with huntsman
Picture of child with a lurcher and two cats
Picture of Jack Russell puppy near cat
Picture of working Bearded Collie, herding sheep
Picture of rough collie looking at a goat
Picture of two rhodesian ridgebacks looking at a parrot in a cage
Picture of gemsbok and topi together in the kalahari desert
Picture of  foxhounds of the beaufort hunt on logs with huntsman praising them.
Picture of sally lightfoot crab and marine iguana, punta espinosa, fernandina island, galapagos islands
Picture of border collie attempting to work cattle
Picture of two dogs and a cat together indoors
Picture of quarter horse ready for work cutting cattle
Picture of border collie puppy looking at a cat
Picture of pekingese and rabbit looking at each other
Picture of border collie puppies annoying a cat
Picture of marine iguanas and swallow tailed gull on hood island, galapagos islands
Picture of ch pippa of westley, golden retriever, in a field looking at a cow
Picture of Dales Pony foal and cat
Picture of Broom and Redwing, two Exmoor ponies with a sheep
Picture of three fluffy white rabbits together
Picture of four kittens with a guinea pig
Picture of drag hunting meet
Picture of chalkyfield folly,  norfolk terrier pouncing at a rabbit in a cage
Picture of quarter horse ready for work cutting cattle
Picture of two cats and a bird eating and drinking together
Picture of group of dogs and cats, models and film stars, on vehicle at formakin
Picture of child with a kitten on her shoulder with a dog and cats
Picture of two caucasian sheep dogs with bullock cart in caucasus mountains
Picture of australian cattle dog working a calf
Picture of Camargue ponies and gardiens  rounding up bulls for games in bullring
Picture of two cross bred dogs and a cat, all film stars and models, formakin, english springer spaniel x bearded collie,
Picture of dog and cat lying together
Picture of samoyed dog and maine coon cat
Picture of cross looking cat lying quietly with german shepherd dog
Picture of Riders escorting Iceland horses and sheep with dogs in Iceland
Picture of marine iguana and galapagos fur seal on hood island, galapagos islands
Picture of border collie working a defiant cow
Picture of bloodhound looking at camera at meet of windsor forest bloodhounds
Picture of tibetan spaniel puppy and cross bred dog sitting on a wall
Picture of saint bernard with two kittens
Picture of two saint bernards with a child and kitten
Picture of st bernard with two kittens between paws
Picture of three pekingese on bench with  donkey, 2 cats and parrot. don't do this at home, donkey ran off pulling bench
Picture of norfolk terrier, cross bred and kitten on a kitchen floor
Picture of norfolk terrier looking at a cat on top of a rabbit run
Picture of border collie herding sheep on the set of  'one man and his dog', lake district
Picture of girl shepherd working border collie on 'one man and his dog' , lake district
Picture of border collie working sheep on 'one man and his dog' , lake district
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