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Picture of border collies working sheep in trials in peak district
Picture of border collie puppy eyeing guinea pig
Picture of irish wolfhound and cat lying on grass
Picture of Appaloosa mare with foal
Picture of Appaloosa mare with young foal hiding behind her
Picture of gardiens riding Camargue ponies rounding up bulls
Picture of gardiens on Camargue ponies rounding up bulls for games in bullring..
Picture of border collie and cross bred dog herding sheep
Picture of black and white dog and cat with matching colouring
Picture of group of nine dogs and three cats on a sofa
Picture of norfolk terrier amazed by a guinea pig
Picture of Riders escorting Iceland horses and sheep
Picture of unwell trakehner horse with sheep companion
Picture of two sheepdogs working sheep with owner
Picture of greyhound, rescued racer, squashes into an armchair belonging to an annoyed cat
Picture of group of dogs and cats from formakin on sofa, film stars and models.