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Picture of english setter petted by owner
Picture of old mongrel dog resting on its owner's arms
Picture of Smooth Collie being judged at show
Picture of Finnish Horse pulling sledge of stones at Ypäjä
Picture of milliardär and merkur, schwarzwald stallions pulling farm cart at offenhausen
Picture of riding side saddle
Picture of owner putting powder on cat
Picture of yellow labrador looking up at owner with puzzled expression
Picture of Boxer with toungue out looking up at camera
Picture of four jutland horses pulling a carlsberg brewers dray in copenhagen
Picture of horsemen at crackow
Picture of full body shot of akhal teke with groom in tradition turkmen clothes
Picture of akhal teke, full body with groom in traditional turkmen clothes
Picture of border collie and cross bred dog herding sheep
Picture of four suffolk punches drawing brewers dray in competition at show
Picture of camargue pony and riders at saintes marie de la mer for parade
Picture of chinchilla cat sitting on a cushion
Picture of two horses in harness in driving event
Picture of akhal teke horses amongst a turkmen community
Picture of rider riding side saddle
Picture of garde royale at a parade in rabat morocco
Picture of group of karabair horses and riders galloping, colour fade in picture
Picture of five months old czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy resting in the grass