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Picture of two Haflinger colts prancing together in play fight at fohlenhof, ebbs, austria
Picture of Cocker Spaniel and Kitten cuddling up to each other
Picture of seal point siamese cat with her kitten in her arms
Picture of portland sheep at norwood farm
Picture of petit basset griffon vendeen chatting to a donkey
Picture of three whippets on a sofa, one spreading gossip
Picture of dog nuzzling another dog
Picture of three whippets resting on a sofa
Picture of tabby cat rubbing against a white cat in a friendly way
Picture of norwich terrier licking a baby's face
Picture of ginger kitten and black kitten hugging and sleeping together
Picture of two French Bulldogs with heads together
Picture of Barbados Blackbelly sheep showing affection
Picture of Haflinger colt portrait with others playing behind in snow
Picture of Golden and black Labrador Puppies isolated on a white background
Picture of bichon frise and pyrenean mountain dog
Picture of two american cocker spaniel puppies sitting on grass
Picture of two Haflinger colts prancing together for supremecy in play fight
Picture of ch xox betula, seal point and copplestone maria, blue point colourpoint cats. (Aka: Persian or Himalayan)
Picture of Milton, Dutch warm blood, with adversary in show jumping, French horse Morgat
Picture of German Arab foal under mother's tail at marbach,
Picture of two chihuahua puppies having a word
Picture of otters kissing
Picture of Great Swiss Mountain dog puppies
Picture of two Haflinger colts prancing together in play fight
Picture of dog and cat lying together
Picture of guernsey calf and mother
Picture of one haflinger colt biting another in play fight in the snow
Picture of Iceland Horses, mares and foal at Olafsvellir
Picture of quarter horse mare and foal in usa
Picture of calf meeting a labrador puppy
Picture of Germany Arab mare and foal  rubbing noses at marbach,
Picture of Two iceland horse foals at Olafsvellir
Picture of quarter horse mare and foal in usa beside pond
Picture of otter looking jealous at two others kissing
Picture of mother pig greeting piglet
Picture of three cute tabby kittens in a plant pot
Picture of two brown swiss cows in switzerland, one licking the face of another
Picture of taboon of tersk mares & foals at stavropol stud, russia
Picture of lilac point siamese cat and kitten
Picture of four württmberger foals leaping about at marbach,
Picture of beagle going nose to nose with a Saanen goat kid
Picture of Boxer looking at duckling
Picture of One tabby cat cuddling another tabby cat
Picture of seven Cimarron Uruquayo puppies on pavement
Picture of staffordshire terrier mix littermate brothers interacting at top of stairs
Picture of corgi mix and chihuahua mix nuzzling each other
Picture of ch paran prima donna,  ibizan hound and two puppies playing
Picture of Haflinger colt nipping another at Ebbs Austria
Picture of Lipizzaner mares and foals in their ancient stable at piber
Picture of two kittens kissing each other. breed- blue-eyed white and blue kitten
Picture of australian cattle dog bitch lying on her back with her pups playing around her
Picture of Morgan horses nuzzling in winter
Picture of miniature schnauzers nuzzling in blue chair
Picture of irish wolfhound looking after a piglet
Picture of marwari mare smelling foal
Picture of One tabby cat grooming another tabby cat
Picture of American Belgian mare with her foal
Picture of three Frederiksborg stallions , two touching heads
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