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Picture of white adult horse running with young brown horse in field
Picture of keeshond bitch with her puppies (by kind permission of Edward Arran)
Picture of golden retriever with three puppies suckling
Picture of australian cattle dog family
Picture of Red Angus Cow and her calf
standing looking at camera.
Picture of bulldog bitch and three puppies from outdoors kennels
Picture of two rhodesian ridgebacks with litter of puppies
Picture of steenbrack, bitch looking at her puppies
Picture of two brown pelicans on nests, punta espinosa, galapagos islands
Picture of rhodesian ridgeback bitch with puppies suckling
Picture of three knabstrups, stallion, mare and foal in line in denmark
Picture of rhodesian ridgeback mother with three puppies
Picture of ch paran prima donna ibizan hound with her puppies
Picture of group of very young airedale puppies suckling
Picture of Brazilian Terriers playing
Picture of masked booby mother protecting chick, daphne island, galapagos islands
Picture of wire haired dachshunds, ch lieblings joker in the pack, ch lieblings bound for fortune and their puppies
Picture of wire haired dachshund  ch lieblings joker in the pack, ch lieblings bound for fortune and family
Picture of wire haired dachshund, ch lieblings joker in the pack, rt, & ch lieblings bound for fortune with their puppies
Picture of stallion, mare and foal knabstrups grazing in line
Picture of wirehaired dachshunds ch lieblings joker in the pack and puppies,
Picture of golden retriever sitting and three puppies in a basket on grass
Picture of Brazlian Terrier with puppies
Picture of Red Angus cross cow licking her calf as a Black Angus cow looks on.
Picture of dandie dinmont bitch and two puppies sitting together
Picture of yorkshire terrier mother and her puppies
Picture of golden retriever with puppies sitting on grass
Picture of two golden retrievers  from camrose with seven puppies sitting on a doorstep
Picture of staffordshire bull terriers toby and jenny with their pups
Picture of family of miniature poodles from miradel
Picture of ch vicbrita delight, ch vicbrita fidelity, front, vicbrita petit point  two maltese and puppy sitting on velvet
Picture of english cocker spaniel family in studio
Picture of golden retriever lying in a dog bed with nine puppies some suckling
Picture of golden retriever with litter of nine puppies
Picture of yorkie mother and three pups in basket bed
Picture of  toby and his pup, staffordshire bull terriers with a toy
Picture of ch elve the scorceror norwich terrier standing up on basket with three puppies one leaping out
Picture of rona,  brittany bitch with her puppies in a basket
Picture of rona, brittany supervising her puppies
Picture of rough collie with puppies suckling
Picture of rough collie lying with puppies suckling, hen in background
Picture of malsville moody blue of farni,  glen of imaal terrier with her litter of puppies
Picture of irish setter with litter of puppies suckling
Picture of irish wolfhound bitch with two puppies
Picture of two dogs in countryside
Picture of masked booby and large chick at daphne island crater rim, galapagos islands