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Picture of proud yellow labrador, head study
Picture of boxer with cropped ears, portrait
Picture of blue footed booby on champion island, galapagos, looking up
Picture of Husky howling against blue sky
Picture of German Shepherd Dog head shot with mouth open and looking towards camera
Picture of Beagle standing up on tree stump and looking at camera
Picture of ginger tabby sitting outside in front of flowers
Picture of peterbald cat with very intense look straight at camera, perfect posture
Picture of lokai stallion with decorated bridle and blanket at dushanbe, rider in traditional clothes
Picture of sea lion on james island, galapagos islands
Picture of ch picanbil pericles, great dane
Picture of seal sepia bengal cat
Picture of black and white english springer spaniel in a beautiful forest
Picture of French Bulldog
Picture of looking up at a st bernard standing at the top of a slope
Picture of champion bloodhound sat in autumn leaves in front of a tree
Picture of Close-up portrait of Alchimia Salina, green background
Picture of shar pei portrait
Picture of majestic looking peterbald
Picture of jack russell, wire coated
Picture of champion miniature poodle in show clip, ch stanlyn cleopatra (gigi)
Picture of champion standard poodle looking over shoulder
Picture of tosca, cornevon irish setter portrait
Picture of indian blue peacock portrait
Picture of great dane sitting in front of yellow flowers
Picture of Brown Leghorn Rooster standing in grassy field.
Picture of 5 month old Belgian filly standing in field
Picture of sorrel abyssinian laughing
Picture of Great Dane standing on log
Picture of two Bull Terriers
Picture of French Bulldog standing on tree stump
Picture of white miniature poodle walking on a path in a beautiful forest scenery
Picture of blue merle australian shepherd standing in a field with an attentive look
Picture of black and white of two boxers looking out glass door
Picture of black tri colour australian shepherd with a serious look, resting in the grass
Picture of shar pei standing in a forest surrounding
Picture of champion potterdale classic of moonhill (cassie), bearded collie with crufts bis trophy 1989
Picture of Jamestown, American Saddlebred stallion head and shoulders
Picture of karabair stallion and rider in registan square, samarkand
Picture of ch pathfinders posy, proud tortoiseshell and white cat
Picture of Young boy holding a white cat near a red barn.
Picture of Red Mackerel Tabby & White Cat, standing front view
Picture of Lurcher standing on log, all photographer's profit from this image go to greyhound charities and rescue organisations
Picture of Collie x Whippet waiting along track in the wood
Picture of Male Lion surveying the area on an early morning in Masai Mara
Picture of weimeraner in the woods posing on a log
Picture of Portrait of a serious black and white springer spaniel with a heart-shaped name tag
Picture of white miniature poodle
Picture of black and white english springer spaniel and mongrel dog in a mountain landscape
Picture of black tricolor australian shepherd sitting in a field, tail up
Picture of alaskan malamute mix with odd eyes, sunset in the background
Picture of english setter looking up, mouth closed
Picture of shar pei sitting in a forest surrounding
Picture of boxer, ch gremlin normlin legend, posed in a field
Picture of White Rock Rooster with White Rock and Buff Rock Hen
Picture of Bull Terrier dog standing on grass
Picture of champion Kronangens Lise Meitner looking at a toy cat
Picture of golden retriever in profile
Picture of yellow labrador retrieving duck
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