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Picture of red rum, famous grand national winner, celebrity appearance at a show, handler patting him
Picture of winning donkey with rosette
Picture of Winning appaloosa ridden by girl
Picture of champion potterdale classic of moonhill (cassie), bearded collie with crufts bis trophy 1989
Picture of Whippet with award
Picture of ch raycroft socialite, clumber spaniel, winning BIS crufts 1991 with judge leonard pagliero and owner ralph dunne
Picture of percheron with decorated mane and rosettes
Picture of highland cattle cow with rosettes
Picture of Blue Point Bi-Colour Ragdoll with awards
Picture of highland cattle at a show
Picture of WILCHRIMANE ICE MAIDEN JW "Flo" (pointer) and CH STUBBYLEE JAZZ DIVA JW "Diva" (Borzoi) Stakes finals Winner & Runner Up - Crufts 2012
Picture of Classic Tabby and White Maine Coon with awards
Picture of "Morgan" ShCh Kavacanne Toff at the Top JW and handler posing for photos after a win in their handling category at Crufts 2012 with judge.
Picture of champion papillon, ch caswell coppertiger
Picture of winning hereford bull at show
Picture of Papillion on podium at YKC Crufts ring 2012 after placing 2nd in Dogstable course.
Picture of "Flirt" and owner Kyle Adams, 17-24 years handling winner.
Aspyre Flyin With Luv to Tomlow
Picture of BECSCOTT GOLDEN WONDER "Wilf" with owner/handler Ella Armstrong winners of YKC 17-24 handling Crufts 2012
Picture of miniature schnauzers sitting in award ribbons
Picture of Saluki and young handler after winning stakes competition at Crufts
Picture of winning hereford bull with rosettes
Picture of champion Exmoor Pony
Picture of
Picture of dobermann puppy carrying rosette
Picture of lurcher winner with rosettes
Picture of winning lurcher, fern,  with her cups and rosettes
Picture of Robyn Arnall & MYRIEHEWE GORDON BENNETT "Gordon" Runners up YKC Crufts 2012 Handler of the Year
Picture of Springer Spaniel "Chester" and owner Neil Ellis with YKC award for Agility Crufts 2012
Picture of speedy of smallpage, dales pony head - study
Picture of longhorn bull at a show
Picture of peter green handler with am ch, ch cracknor cause celebre, coco, norfolk terrier after winning crufts bis 2008
Picture of blue bi-colour ragdoll kitten with rosettes
Picture of blue bi-colour ragdoll kitten with rosettes
Picture of Manx cat with girl, Red Mackerel Tabby & White colour
Picture of champion Maine Coon, Silver Classic Tabby colour, white background
Picture of two pomeranian puppies in silver cup
Picture of osman sameja interviewed by jessica holm after winning bis at crufts 1997 with ch ozmilion mystification, res american cocker, right
Picture of crufts bis 2003 pekingese ch yakee a dangerous liaison with albert easdon
Picture of appenzeller wearing a rosette
Picture of Poodle and young owner on podium after winning grooming competition at Crufts 2012
Picture of CH STUBBYLEE JAZZ DIVA JW "Diva" Winner of YKC Stakes Hound group, Crufts 2012
Picture of crufts 2001 ann arch, judge, with basenji ch jethard cidevant, bis with owner, paul singleton
Picture of Exmoor Pony side view wearing rosette
Picture of Suffolk Punch with blinkers and rosette
Picture of Con wearing rosette
Picture of Crufts 1997, osman sameja after winning bis at crufts 1997 with ch ozmilion mystification and judge terry thorn
Picture of longhorn bull wearing a rosette
Picture of owner, rachel shaw,  kissing irish setter sh ch starchelle chicago bear, after winning crufts bis 1995
Picture of dorset horn ewes
Picture of longhorn bull at a show
Picture of crufts 1994 bis ch purston hit and miss from brocolitia, welsh terrier with handler frank kellett
Picture of Donkey wearing rosette and bridle
Picture of suffolk punch with rosettes, portrait
Picture of Blue Classic Tabby Maine Coon with rosettes
Picture of jester's dream, jersey cow head study, at show
Picture of crufts 2001 ann arch judge with reserve bis winner ch penliath shooting star and chris blance
Picture of downland kestrel, welsh pony stallion (section b), head study
Picture of gos d'atura sitting on grey paving
Picture of crufts 2002 bis nord ch topscore contradiction, standard poodle, with handler michael nilson
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