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Picture of friesian horse in driving class at zug
Picture of training, trotting over poles
Picture of owner throws a stick for three soft coated wheaten terriers
Picture of mustangs running across sand
Picture of four suffolk punches drawing brewers dray in competition at show
Picture of tennessee walking horse in action at a show in usa
Picture of gelderland trotting in enclosure in holland
Picture of trotting race at hague show
Picture of ty ann’s lily of the valley, bedlington terrier in usa striding out happily
Picture of miniature poodle, undocked, carrying a ball
Picture of white dog running on grass
Picture of group of hanoverians ridden and in training at celle, germany
Picture of shetland ponies driven in trade and agricultural light turnout class
Picture of chincoteague pony trotting in the marshes on assateague island
Picture of Cimarron Uruquayo dog barking and running
Picture of ridden Iceland Horse at Selfoss Show performing the tolt
Picture of westphalian warmblood foal cantering
Picture of white dog on grass, distant shot
Picture of Holsteins, Cees van Opstal at the quarry, driving competition at zug 1981
Picture of shetland pony team in driving competition
Picture of team of shetland ponies in driving competition
Picture of Dr Lehrner driving 4 lipizzaner mares at piber watched by other lipizzaners
Picture of team of trakehners in driving competition at zug
Picture of black labrador retriever retrieving quail in a field
Picture of German Arab mares and foals cantering through field at marbach
Picture of akhal teke horse lunged by russian trainer at piatigorsk hippodrome
Picture of shetland pony team in driving competition
Picture of group of karabair horses and riders galloping, colour fade in picture
Picture of gelderland mare and foal in holland
Picture of black labrador retrieving dummy
Picture of Golden Retriever, agility
Picture of alert Labrador Retriever dogs
Picture of white bull terrier jumping in water
Picture of back view of a white bull terrier walking in water
Picture of happy czechoslovakian wolfdog cross and dobermann cross running in the snow
Picture of shepherd mix fetching ball
Picture of springer spaniel running down sidewalk while shaking toy in mouth
Picture of rothmans vehicle with pair of horses trotting down new cavendish street, london