Belgian Shepherd Dog

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Belgian Shepherd Dog overview

Originating in Belgium for use in livestock herding, there are four very distinct types of Belgian Shepherd Dogs:
the Groenendael (Groenendaal), Laekense (Laekenois), Mechelaar (Malinois) and Tervuren (Tervueren).
They are all suitable for the urban environment and make good watchdogs. Very robust and strong-willed, they require early obedience training.

The Tervueren's long coat will require regular grooming. They are easily trained and have good concentration skills which make it very popular with the police and for agility trials work, also for work with the blind and disabled. Needs a firm hand and understanding master; also requires a lot of exercise. 

Other known names for Tervueren

Belgian Tervueren, Tervuren

Belgian Shepherd Dog foreign names

Belgische Herdershond (Dutch), Chien de Berger Belge (French), Belgischer Schäferhund (German), Perro de Pastor Belga (Spanish)



Breed Group

Pastoral Group

Biological data

Male: 30 kg.
Female: 26 kg.
Male: 62 cm.
Female: 58 cm.
Colours, markings and patterns
All shades of red, fawn, gray with black overlay. Coat characteristically double pigmented, wherein tip of each light coloured hair is blackened. On mature males this blackening especially pronounced on shoulders, back and rib-sections. Black mask on face, not to extend above line of eyes, and ears mostly black. Tail should have a darker or black tip. Small to moderate white patch or strip permitted on chest, between pads of feet and on tips of hind toes. Frosting (white or gray) on the muzzle. Beyond the age of 18 months, a washed out colour, or colour too black, undesirable.

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Tervueren Dog – Breed standard

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Tervueren Dog references and further reading

Le Club Français du Chien de Berger Belge 


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Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain
Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club (NBSDC)
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Belgian Shepherd breeds

Below are some examples of the four Belgian Shepherd Breeds, click on the image to see more images of the breed.


AP-1VXTT8 - Champion Tervueren
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson


AP-0NEBYC - Groenendael looking at camera
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson


AP-QTM2BD - Malinois in poppy field
Photo © Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson


AP-ICFBUJ - posed Laekenois
Photo © Animal Photography, Alice van Kempen


Belgian Shepherd Dog
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Featured image

AP-1ZCWZH - two Tervuerens on a hill
© Animal Photography, Sally Anne Thompson